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Any Mature Christians On Here?

treasurequeen From United Kingdom

Hi, I am a young at heart trendy 50-something-year-old who loves Jesus. I have been saved 25 years and still growing in The Lord. Would love to make new friends and share, also if you are not a Christian and want to know more please message me thanks.

More info: #any #mature #christians
I am still learning about following Jesus. I believe we should alway seekto learn more.
hello am suprised to find a young heart seeking for God and am a teenager who can do that too!!!!!
Praise Jesus, am Rachel, I would love to share with u the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hello praise LORD King Jesus am glad to read ur discription please i would love u and i to be friends such that we share the kingdom word and lifetime leaviog thanks may God bless u