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seoin060 , Korea
14 years old

I want to make many foreign friends!
If intere

dusdn5 , Korea
18 years old

I am Korean.
I am a high school student.

aa2160 , Korea
18 years old

alswjd85 , Korea
31 years old

tin5tin , Korea
16 years old

lnr530 , Korea
19 years old

Hi everyone:)
My name is Sue.
I am 19 years old

vbcbva , Korea
19 years old

megabox , Korea
29 years old

shcute21 , Korea
15 years old

luv1225 , Korea
18 years old

Hi I'm Yein, (or you can call me Diana) finding fr

yein189 , Korea
19 years old

beakdo99 , Korea
17 years old

잘 부탁해용~~
언어교환 해요~

chwd1014 , Korea
28 years old

uo2253 , Korea
17 years old

Hi! I'm 16 years old and I live in Korea. I want t

gghy0217 , Korea
15 years old

lovelyta , Korea
25 years old

sol_1117 , Korea
20 years old

sarangii , Korea
29 years old

yeooooon , Korea
16 years old

llii22 , Korea
21 years old

A Japanese born in 1995.
My favorite things are clothes and shoes and IU.
I am interested in Korea,

yuri_iu , Korea
21 years old

Hi everyone nice to meet you. My name is Do yeon,

zkdlwj04 , Korea
15 years old

Hi! I'm Sarah. I like to learn English and learn m

sarah306 , Korea
15 years old

Hello everyone★
After studying in China for a few years, I just graduated and returned to China last year.
In fact, I studied

kichang , Korea
27 years old

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