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What penpal means and Who is penpal ?! Penpal or pen pal is a person who usually lives in a different country , and makes friendship with you in various ways. In past penpals start making their friendships via exchangeing handwritten letters. But nowadays people are too lazy for this and just start their friendship by searching on internet that is faster and more interesting way ! ;) There are many websites to help you find your desiered penpal and one of them is our site ( You can join our pen pals in a very easy steps! just fill out four registeration fields and join our penpals ;) After joining you can share your travel photos , your lovely foods and All you wish. And you can chat with other pen pals as much as you like withought having a pen or pencil! :D

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There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals , just register in site and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like.

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저는 98년생의 일본인입니다
한국인의 친구를 원합니다
친구가 됩시다
카카오 톡

parkmio , Japan
18 years old

안녕하세요 저는 98년생의 일본인입니다 한국인의 친구를 원합니다 친구가 됩시다 카카오 톡 있습니다 こんにちは 私は98年生の日本人です 韓国人の友達を探しています 友達になりましょう カカオトークあります


ymd_poon , Japan
15 years old

こんにちは! 私は韓国語が大好きな者です。 男女問わずぜひぜひ仲良くしてください。 特に韓国が大好きなので、 韓国人の方といろいろお話してみたいです。 結構人見知りとかしてしまう性格ですが、 最終的には彼氏とか作れたら嬉しいです! よろしくおねがいします。


fjokrn , Japan
28 years old

初めまして 私は韓国に興味があります。 韓国料理も好きです! いつか韓国旅行に行きたいと思っているので、韓国語を少しずつ勉強しています。 映画鑑賞が好きです。 韓国映画、ドラマよく見ています。 楽しい話が出来るといいです(^^) 長く続けられる相手を探しています。 連絡待ってます。

趣味は旅行でいろいろな国に行きました。最近は日本国内の旅行も楽しんでいます。 日本語が出来る方や日本

anju66 , Japan
50 years old

趣味は旅行でいろいろな国に行きました。最近は日本国内の旅行も楽しんでいます。 日本語が出来る方や日本語を勉強している方、日本をもっと知りたいという外国の方や趣味の合う方と楽しく会話したいと思い登録しました。同年代の友達ができたらいいなと思います。お気軽に連絡いただけたらと思います。よろしくお願いします。


m_maa , Japan
20 years old

こんにちは。 私は日本に住む大学生です。 料理、ドラマ、kpopが好きで、韓国に興味を持ちました。 韓国語の練習をしたいです! 韓国語はまだ苦手なので、英語と日本語を補助で使って会話できます。 長い間連絡を取り合える友達がほしいです! Hello. I'm a college student in Japan. I like Korean dishes,dramas and kpop music so I got interested in Korea. I'd like to practice Korean language. I just began to study Korean recently,so I would also like to use Japane

HELLO*こんにちは! 私は日本語を勉強してます。もっと上手に話せるようになりたいと思ってます。「

shuxi879 , Korea
27 years old

HELLO*こんにちは! 私は日本語を勉強してます。もっと上手に話せるようになりたいと思ってます。「セカオワ」の曲が好きだし、日本の食べ物・ファッションなどの文化に興味を持ってます(=゚ω゚)ノ 私に日本語を教えてください。長く連絡する友達を探してます◆◇◆한국어 공부하고있는 분들 연락주세요~ 친구가 되면 좋겠어요:-D 영어/중국어 가르쳐주면 좋겠어요!

Hi ^ ^ I am a 20 year old man of Korean age. Many foreign friends are welcome regardless of the nationality they want to create. ^

plus4003 , Korea
22 years old

こんにちは^^私は韓国年齢で20歳の男です。多くの外国人の友人生じたい国籍に関係なく、歓迎します。^^〜 - 翻訳使用 - ㅠ.ㅠ 日本文化JPOPよくメールし過ごしたいと思います Hello ^^ I am a 20 year old man in South Korea. I want to welcome many foreign friends occurring regardless of nationality. ^^ ~ - Translator uses -ㅠ.ㅠ 안녕하세요^^ 저는 한국 나이로 20살 남자 입니다. 많은 외국인 친구 생기고 싶어요 국적 상관없이 환영합니다. ^^~ -번역기 사용 -

hello,I'm a boy from China.And I'm 15 years old no

larry-mo , China
16 years old

hello,I'm a boy from China.And I'm 15 years old now.I want to have many penpals.So,I don't care who you are,where you from or what you did,I hope we can still be good friends.:)

Hello, Thank you for coming my page. My introducti

sihomi30 , Japan
24 years old

Hello, Thank you for coming my page. My introduction. I live in Japan, 24 years old.I wanna make a friend, but near age! I think to build you a good relationship :D I speak Japanese,but I can speak English a little.My hobby is listening music..Especially,I love SISTAR,Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Would you tell me about you?Thank you :) はじめまして!

hi , my name is Christine.
I'm 20 years old.
I s

kris86 , Belgium
21 years old

hi , my name is Christine. I'm 20 years old. I speak french and english but a little. I would like later to learn Korean language. I like outings with friends, travel and amusement parks. I would love to have a Korean correspondent.

Hello, I am a freshman in China. It's a 17 year ol

leesinc , China
17 years old

Hello, I am a freshman in China. It's a 17 year old young man who hopes to make friends with you. I prefer chatting, and everything can come to me, I am more casual and gentle.

저는 토마스 합니다 프랑스에서 왔습니다 저는 방콕에 삽니다 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다 길게 사귈 수있는 친구를 만들고 싶습니다 はじめまして! タイ在住3年目の22歳のフランス人です。 ラームカムヘン大学の大学生で、ジャーナリズムを専攻しています。 18・19歳の頃、東京にすんでいました。 長く付き合える日本人の友達を作りたいです〜 気楽に連絡して下さい。If you want to contact with this user, please use 'Send E-mail' button.


non0505 , Japan
26 years old

初めてまして^^ 色んな国の人と友達になりたいです♪ 特に韓国の方大歓迎です(*´∀`*) 長く続く友達がいいです(つω`*) カカオとLINEしたいです 写真がない人はごめんなさい 年齢性別問わず気軽にメール下さい

저는 서울에 살고있습니다

mks0625 , Korea
33 years old

안녕하세요 こんにちは Hello. 早上好。 저는 서울에 살고있습니다 私はソウルに住んでいます I live in Seoul. 我在首尔生活。 광고회사에서 일하고있어요 広告会社で働いている I work in advertising company 广告公司上班。 외국인 친구랑 친하게 지내고 싶어요 外国人の友達と仲良くなりたいです want to get along well with foreign friends. 外国朋友一起好好相处,我想 취미는 여행이에요 趣味は旅行です My hobby is travel. 爱好是旅行的 일본어, 영어, 중국어 완전 초보입니다 서로 공부 하면서 친하게 지내실분 원합니다 日本語、英語、中国語完全に素人です お互いに勉


kim0910 , Japan
17 years old

はじめまして 大阪住みの高校2年生アナです 韓国が好きで勉強してます! 韓国人の友達が欲しいです 英語と日本語教えれます 気になった方はメールしてください カカオもやっています よろしくお願いします

hi, nice to meet you.
I'm interested in foreign cu

ask123a , Korea
30 years old

hi, nice to meet you. I'm interested in foreign culture. I'd like to be your friends guys. 안녕하세요. 반가워요. 지금은 한국에 살고 있고, 외국 친구들이랑 많이 연락했으면 좋겠어요. 한국에 관심 많은 분들 많이 연락주세요.

Hello, I'm Erica and I live in Orlando, Florida, USA. I am here to make friends from all over the world, as I am interested in learning about new cultures and I can speak English, Spanish and French. I am very friendly and sweet, so feel free to say hello and we'll take our friendship from there. I'd like to learn about your country.

Hello man of 25 years old.
I want to get close to people living in some countries
Different culture and language of each country

tkfkdgo3 , Korea
24 years old

こんにちは25歳の男性です。 いくつかの国にお住まいの方と親しくなりたくて 各国のさまざまな文化や言語を学びたくて加入するようになりました。 Hi, this is 25 -year-old man . I want to get to know those who live in different countries Learn different culture and language of each country has wanted to join . 안녕하세요 25살 남자입니다. 여러나라에 사시는 분들과 친해지고 싶고 각국의 여러 문화 및 언어를 배우고 싶어서 가입하게 되었습니다.

Hi~~안녕하세요 my name is Lee Leo just call me Lee or Leo or super Lee(my many friends call me like that I don't no why tho) whatever u want! I am temporary studying in Osaka, Japan for Japanese language at the moment until I return back to Singapore soon! So...let's be friends! Please feel free to write to me.

Hello everybody. I'm student who want to learn Eng

damlaa_ , Turkey
18 years old

Hello everybody. I'm student who want to learn English and I want to meet friends who can help me about this subject. I want to learn your culture. Don't hesitate to sent me meassage :). I wan't to have friends all around the world. If you want to be friend with me send me message please :)

안녕하세요! Hi To All My name is Amanda, I'm South African and I just turned 28 years old. I joined this site in order to make new friends that will be long term friends (hopefully). I'm currently trying to learn how to speak and write Korean but as time goes by, I would love to learn more languages and get taught about different cultures. My ultimat

Hey, im from turkey 17 years old. İf you want to c

shameit , Turkey
17 years old

Hey, im from turkey 17 years old. İf you want to chat with me we can. i want to improve my english and learning french.

Hello ~!
I am an office worker living in Korea.
I am interested in foreign culture, making friends

poic85 , Korea
32 years old

안녕하세요~! 저는 한국에 사는 직장인입니다. 해외 문화에 관심이 많고, 친구들을 사귀고 싶습니다. 지금은 일본어와 중국어를 배우고 있으며, 나중에는 해외여행을 가고 싶습니다. 많이 많이 메일 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다. ^_^ Hi dare~ I'm native Korean guy, Engineer. I wanna make good foreign friends ! Recently, study hard to Japanese and Chinese .. After that, I hope to travel to another countries. If you want to friend with me, Send to me a f


k__msk_ , Japan
17 years old

こんにちは!私は日本の高校生です。韓国、中国に興味があって勉強しています。語学では今は韓国語を熱心に勉強しています。韓国人、中国人の友達が欲しいです。連絡ください! Hello! I am a high school student in Japan. I am interested in Korea and China and I am studying. I am currently studying Korean everyday in my language. I want Korean and Chinese friends. Contact Please! 안녕하세요! 나는 일본의 고교생입니다. 한국, 중국에 관심이있어 공부하고 있습니다. 어학은 지금 한국어를 열심

Hallo! My name is anggita You can call me anggi I'm 12 years old I comes from indonesian My hobby drawing,playing fotball,reading book For more you can send me email,and i reply.thanks