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What penpal means and Who is penpal ?! Penpal or pen pal is a person who usually lives in a different country , and makes friendship with you in various ways. In past penpals start making their friendships via exchangeing handwritten letters. But nowadays people are too lazy for this and just start their friendship by searching on internet that is faster and more interesting way ! ;) There are many websites to help you find your desiered penpal and one of them is our site ( You can join our pen pals in a very easy steps! just fill out four registeration fields and join our penpals ;) After joining you can share your travel photos , your lovely foods and All you wish. And you can chat with other pen pals as much as you like withought having a pen or pencil! :D

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There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals , just register in site and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like.

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Hi ~ I'm 95 years old.
I like a guy who can be friendly with a guy.
Interested in Japan and China

xogjs95 , Korea
21 years old

안녕~ 난 95년도생이야 남자던 여자던 친하게 지낼수있는 사람이 좋아 일본과 중국에 관심이 있구 올해에 친구들이랑 일본에 놀러갈 계획이야~ LINE,kakaoTalk 둘다해~ line,kakaotalk ID:rlaxogjs95 연락줘~

Hi I'm Katalina yang and I'm Hmong I like listening to music and leaning about different countries I also like Kpop and k dramas I want a pen pal from foreign countries

I live in Seoul, Korea.
I like climbing and traveling.
Make friends with Japanese people who like mountain climbing

xhide15 , Korea
47 years old

こんにちは! 韓国のソウルに住んでます。 登山と旅行が好きです。 登山が好きな日本の方と友達になりたいです。 機会があれば、韓国や日本の山に一緒に行きたいです。 また、沖縄や札幌に住んでいる方とも友達になりたいです。 今年沖縄と札幌に行きたいと思ってます。 よろしくお願いします!

Nice to meet you-I am currently studying in Tokyo.
I'm going to a Japanese school in Nippori!
Not good but good friends

sun2016 , Korea
27 years old

はじめましてー今東京に留学しています。 日暮里にある日本語の学校に行きます! すくないでも、いい友達を作りたいです。 昔から日本の文化とか食べ物に関心が多くて 旅行もよく行きました まだまだ日本語の実力が足りないので、 もっともっと勉強したいです! 好きなのはカフェ、お酒、日本酒、音楽聞くですー よろしくお願いします

저는 마이 라고합니다!
지금 워킹홀리데이중 입니다^^
한국 패션, 문화,

krmymr , Japan
23 years old

안녕하세요~ 저는 마이 라고합니다! 지금 워킹홀리데이중 입니다^^ 한국 패션, 문화, 음식을 좋아합니다! 아직 기본적인 회화만 가능해요ㅠㅠ 오랫동안 꾸준하게 연락했으면 좋겠습니다ㅎ ※남자친구 있어용 はじめまして! 韓国のファッション、音楽、文化に興味があります! 韓国のストリートファッションが好きです^^ 音楽はhip-hopがすきです 複数の人にメッセージを送ってる人には返信しません

저는 일본안이고 94년생입니다
대학에서 한국어를 배우고있어서 더 공부하고싶어요

manammm , Japan
22 years old

안녕하세요 저는 일본안이고 94년생입니다 대학에서 한국어를 배우고있어서 더 공부하고싶어요 역사에 관심이 있어요 카톡해주세요 잘 부탁합니다~~~! こんにちは 私は日本人で、94年生です 大学で韓国語を習っていてもっと勉強したいです 歴史に関心があります カカオトークしてください よろしくお願いします~~~!

uo2253 , Korea
17 years old

こんにちは! 私は高校3年生の韓国人です 今日本語を勉強しています!! 非常にうまくないので翻訳機を使用します アイドルが好きだが、対話の主題としてはあまり好きではありません.. すみませんㅠㅠ 同じ年頃の女友達を歓迎します!^^ 韓国語を勉強する人ならもっといいみたいですね! お互いに写真も共有して電話もしていたずらも打つ間柄になってほしいです! メールたくさん送ってください!

I like and study Japan.
Reading and interpreting Japanese is fine, but according to the grammar

onew98 , Korea
18 years old

こんにちは。 日本が好きで勉強しています。 日本語を読んで解釈するのは大丈夫だが、文法に合わせて言うの下手です。いつか日本に行きたいです。 あなたと友達になりたいです:) 일본에 관심이 많아서 일본어공부를 하게되었습니다 98년생이고 고등학교3학년입니다 잘부탁드립니다:)

Philippine &Spain &Japa

hittonww , Japan
24 years old

お酒飲むことが大好きです(^.^) Philippine &Spain &Japanのハーフです^_^ でも生まれも育ちもめちゃくちゃ日本残念ハーフですwwww 今は必死に英語を勉強中!!! 基本的には毎日仕事仕事で忙しいけど休日は家の掃除が基本の少し綺麗好き! 仲良くしてください^_^

Thank you for taking a look at my profile.
I have traveled to Japan every year since 2011.

wooki810 , Korea
31 years old

안녕하세요 제 프로필을 봐주셔서 감사합니다. 2011년부터 매년 일본여행을 다니고 있습니다. 그때문에 일본 문화 ,언어,사람들에게 관심을 가지게 되어 가입하게 되었습니다. 우리가 비록 국적은 다르지만 친하게 지낼수 있다고 생각합니다. 나이,성별,관계없이 저와 같은생각이라면 연락주새요~ ..친구를 사귀고 싶은데..메일이 안와~(TT).. こんにちは 私の文を読んでいただきありがとうございます。 長い間維持できる友達を探しています。 男女に関係なく友達になってくださる方は連絡ください。 お待ちしてます。 メールがまったくありません(TT...) hi friends~ I'm happy to know you. first simple self-i

Hey :) I'm Mélanie and I'm 17 years old. I live in Belgium, and I speak four languages : English, French, Dutch and Spanish. I was born in Belgium but my parents are from Ecuador so I'm Latina :p I Iove South Korea, K-POP, K-Dramas, .. I'm really interested in the Korean culture! If you want to talk, send me a message and I'll answer :) Mélanie

hi, Im a Korean boy student living in korea
I wann

sinjo527 , Korea
27 years old

hi, Im a Korean boy student living in korea I wanna know about more culture and lasting good friends, I like going to movie, singing and playing instrument. if u want to be my friend, contact me :) kakao : sinjo527

Hello, My name is Asha. I'm 16 years old and love to learn about different cultures and study their languages. I'm fluent in English, and I'm still learning Spanish. I really enjoy traveling and I'm currently trying to study Korea's culture and their language and would need some help trying to learn it. I love all types of music and enjoy sports,I

처음 뵙겠습니다!
언젠가 한국에 가는 것이 꿈으로 한국어 공부하고 있습니다(*^_^*)

yk0731 , Japan
21 years old

처음 뵙겠습니다! 언젠가 한국에 가는 것이 꿈으로 한국어 공부하고 있습니다(*^_^*) 한국 음식과 문화와 KPOP을 좋아합니다 ♡ 한국인 친구가 필요해서 괜찮으시다면 메일 주세요 ♫ はじめまして! いつか韓国に行くのが夢で、韓国語の勉強をがんばっています(*^_^*) 韓国の食と文化とKPOPがだいすきです♡ 韓国人の友達がほしいので、よかったらメールください♫

저는 19살이에요! 한국어를 공부하는 학교를 다니고있습니다!
한국에도 자주

haru1127 , Japan
20 years old

안녕하새용~! 저는 19살이에요! 한국어를 공부하는 학교를 다니고있습니다! 한국에도 자주갑니다^^ 1개월1번!ㅋ 그리고! 먹는 것을 완전좋아합니당. 치킨…고기… k-pop도 한국요리도 패션도 드라마나 영화를 다 좋아요! 한국어 잘하고싶어서 한국인 친구가 되고싶어요~ 많이예기하자! 나한테 한국어를 가르쳐주세요! 나도 일본어를…ㅋ 카톡도있어여어~

Hello im male student from korea.
I have come to t

jhg519 , Korea
19 years old

Hello im male student from korea. I have come to this penpal site to talk with foreigners. i`ll wait for your message^^ こんにちは 韓国から来た男の学生です。 様々な国の友達と話したいです。 いつでも連絡ください。 ^^

안녕하세요! 아야코 것 부르세요!
2002年 高校1年生

tgogtgmg , Japan
16 years old

안녕하세요! 아야코 것 부르세요! 2002年 高校1年生 ぜひ友達になりましょう〜(^^) 趣味 韓国ドラマ、映画鑑賞 BTS.BOL4.イ・ジョンソクとても好きです! 韓国語教えてくれる方来てください! 韓国とても好きです K-POP好きでしたが今では文化、食べ物全てに興味あります!

Hi~ My name is esra nur I live in turkey I'M korea fans So, I like making friends You and I could be a close friend I'm using kakaotalk facebook instagaram I'm not good at English but I will do my best I am passionate about Asia, and especially Japan and South Korea and also I love K-pop I'd love to learn Korean If you wanna be a friend with

Hi everyone.I''m here because i want to improve my

fanie , France
19 years old

Hi everyone.I''m here because i want to improve my english and to meet people all around the world. I'm open-minded and love to discover new cultures. So, you can teach me your language and i teach you my language; it's a great compromise. Please send me an e-mail.

¡Hola! Hi! 안녕하세요! I'm Anabel, a spanish girl who l

dhannae , Spain
33 years old

¡Hola! Hi! 안녕하세요! I'm Anabel, a spanish girl who loves to learn languages. I'm studying Translation and Interpreting at university. I love asian culture in general and I would like to know more about Korean culture. Right now I am living in Seoul! I am also a Spanish teacher. If you want me to be your tutor, let me know and we can arrange some l


nako72 , Japan
22 years old

こんにちは、はじめまして!94年生まれ、22歳の学生です。 新大久保でコスメを見るのが最近の楽しみです!韓国ドラマも大好きです~^^ 韓国は初級者で、少しずつ勉強しています…。 文化にK-POPなど、色々お話ししたいです!! よろしくお願いします(^O^)☆

I am a Korean man living in Tokyo, Japan.
I like sports and travel.
We can talk about various things

n0blian , Korea
33 years old

こんにちは 日本東京に住んでいる韓国男性です。 スポーツと旅行を好きです。 いろいろな話をしうる日本人友達を作りたいです 上手ではありませんが、日本語で対話が可能です。 kakaoもlineも使用しています

I want a friend who can email me regardless of gender or age.
I went to Japan last time, but this book

zxc12345 , Korea
22 years old

こんにちは 私は性別、年齢関係なしにメールを出来る友達がほしいです。 この前日本に行ってみましたが本当に良かったです。 また、機会があれば行きたいです。 日本語は下手ですがたくさん勉強したいです。 カカオやラインは日本語の実力が足りなくてまだメールが楽だと思います。

Hi everyone. My name is Enes Im from Turkey and I

sushi_e , Turkey
19 years old

Hi everyone. My name is Enes Im from Turkey and I live in Istanbul. I want to meet all of you because I love learning something new and I think talking with foreign person is so enjoyable. I am 18 years old. I study in university and my department is political science and international relations. but now I am prep student. Please send me message.

Heii my name is Mary and I'm from germany I love asia and want to travel to japan or korea because I'm very intressting about the korean and japanese culture. In my freetime i do gymnastics,listen to music,drawing or watch I listen to Kpop (my favourite groups are: BigBang,BTS,Got7,Monsta X,Red Velvet,Twice,AKMU,Day6...) I have a penpal from