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What penpal means and Who is penpal ?! Penpal or pen pal is a person who usually lives in a different country , and makes friendship with you in various ways. In past penpals start making their friendships via exchangeing handwritten letters. But nowadays people are too lazy for this and just start their friendship by searching on internet that is faster and more interesting way ! ;) There are many websites to help you find your desiered penpal and one of them is our site ( You can join our pen pals in a very easy steps! just fill out four registeration fields and join our penpals ;) After joining you can share your travel photos , your lovely foods and All you wish. And you can chat with other pen pals as much as you like withought having a pen or pencil! :D

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There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals , just register in site and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like.

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neo-neet , Japan
17 years old

皆さま、こんにちは! ドイツ在住の高校生です。 5カ国語が話せます! 日本語が上手になりたいので、わたしに日本語を教えてくれませんか? 韓国人のハーフですから、わたしも韓国語を勉強したいです! 友だちをたくさん作りたいです! 宜しくお願いします! I'm looking for a language exchange partner who can teach me Japanese or Korean! I can teach you English and German because I can speak both fluently!


yykk720 , Japan
20 years old

わたしは韓国に興味があります! 韓国のテレビや音楽が好きで 言語ももっと知りたいです! 一緒に仲良く勉強できるような友達が欲しいです! 私は大阪にいる96年産まれの18さいです! よろしくお願いします! 仲良くなれれば遊んだりしてみたいです!


k1105 , Japan
23 years old

みなさんと仲良くなりたいです! いろいろな国の方と仲良くなれたらいいです! 日本生まれ93line( ˶´⚰︎`˵ )大阪に住んでいます!! ファッション、コスメ大好きです! 東方神起、韓国ドラマ大好きᙏ̤̫

Nice to meet you
A Korean born in 1997.
I am going to be friendly with you through penpals

hjn4018 , Korea
19 years old

はじめまして 97年生まれの韓国人です。 ペンパルを通じて、あなたと親しくやっていきながら、これが日本語の勉強にもなったらいいなと思っています:D どうぞよろしくおねがいします。 楽にメールを送ってください! (私の日本語の実力はまだ下手で、ほんやくきを使っています。)  Hello. I'm korean born in 1997. I want to be friend with you and at the same time, I could improve my english skill :D Glad to meet you XD (I can speak a little bit of English but i use the translator mo

こんにちは。 神戸に住んでいます 最近韓国ドラマを見て韓国語に興味を持ち勉強し始めました。まだ初級レ

ston3652 , Japan
41 years old

こんにちは。 神戸に住んでいます 最近韓国ドラマを見て韓国語に興味を持ち勉強し始めました。まだ初級レベルで。普段韓国語を使う機会がないので言語交換できる人探しています。気長に長く連絡が続けれたいいと思います。 よろしくお願いします。line しています。

I'm here to make good frien

maganjoy , India
22 years old

Hello/안녕하세요/こんにちは... I'm here to make good friends from whom I can learn different cultures and languages, strongly believing language should not be a barrier in communication. BE free to message if one needs a friend. I would love to hear from you I. E. my FUTURE FRIENDS. (친구가되자...의사 소통은 장벽이되어서는 안됩니다. 友達になろう! コミュニケーションは障壁であってはならない.)

Hello, I am Korean. I like meeting many people. an

seong239 , Korea
20 years old

Hello, I am Korean. I like meeting many people. and I like K-pop star EXO. so If you want to be friends with me, please send me a message. 저는 한국에 사는 96년생 학생입니다! 많은 친구들을 만나 그나라의 언어와 문화를 배우고 싶습니다. 영어를 쓰시지 않으시더라도 한국어를 배우고 싶은 분들은 메시지를 보내주세요.

hi i am 10 years oid and boy
too many countries li

isac0301 , Korea
11 years old

hi i am 10 years oid and boy too many countries like i hope to meet a lot of nice friends.

Hi I'm Kjm and I'm 16 (^^) I'm studying at high school and specialising in English. I really want to make friends all over the world and improve my English skill ^^ Hehe, nice to meet you guys (^.

Hello and こんにちは I am from the USA and I would like to make some pals in Japan! If you're from another country that is also okay but I am interested in asian culture! I am extremely new to Japanese so please be patient with me! I would like to talk in English if possible and as time passes maybe try to talk in Japanese if that would be okay! I am u

I’m university student who dreaming study

pen_love , Japan
21 years old

Hello I’m university student who dreaming study abroad.( Now I’m studying nursing) I want to improve my English skill And I started studying Korean Also I can help you studying Japanese I love listening KPOP for 8 years feel free to talk to me! I want a friend who can talk about makeup, fashion, foods and share some photos and letters

Hi, I'm Han Hsu, a Taiwanese working in Indonesia.

ocriwn , Taiwan
28 years old

Hi, I'm Han Hsu, a Taiwanese working in Indonesia. Reading, writting, and learning languages are my bobbies, and I'm learning English, Indonesian, and Korean. If u are interested on Chinese, or want to make a friend with an Asian, feel free to SMS me. :)

Hello! I am a student of 18 years of age.
There is

usateru , Japan
19 years old

Hello! I am a student of 18 years of age. There is very interested in foreign languages and cultures. I'm want to learn a little a foreign language in order to go abroad in the future. Please tell me the words of your country. I really understand only a little English. Instead, I to you will teach the Japanese! Please e-mail at any time! こんにちは!私

Hey my names Kieran from the UK! I'm wanting to visit Japan so I would love a pen pal who could teach me their language. I'll help you with any English in return! Love gaming and all sorts of music! Email me or I have Kakao, LINE and Skype! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

한국어가 좋아해서 공부 해요 
한국어으로 대화 하고싶어요!
친구 찾고 있

tetehime , Japan
30 years old

안녕하세요! 한국어가 좋아해서 공부 해요 한국어으로 대화 하고싶어요! 친구 찾고 있어요~ 카톡 합시다! 메일 보내주세요~~ 10월에 유학 하고싶어서 준비중 입니다~~~ 잘 부탁해요!

looking for friends. hope we can get along well, and please have a chat with me for fun and hopefully it'll improve my english or even my almost nonexistant 日本語 skill lmao

I'm a graduate student of japanese university.

sakary , Japan
34 years old

I'm a graduate student of japanese university. My interests are studying abroad and working there. Please tell me any information. And ask me anything.

Hello ~! I'm a French student. I like drawing and

launny_ , France
23 years old

Hello ~! I'm a French student. I like drawing and i like asian culture .I want to meet different cultures. Sorry, I have bad English and then also to improve it . =3 i have: kakao and line ID

Hi. c: Name's Morgan. I am vegan, and I love things like nice pens, animals, books, and music. I'm from America, speak English, and take French. I think that's about it, so feel free to message me. (':

Nice to meet you.

I was born in 87 wanting to make friends with Japanese people.

Want to know Korean culture,
Make friends

awt1004 , Korea
29 years old

はじめまして。 日本人と友達をしたい87年生まれです。 韓国の文化を知りたかったり、 友人を作りたい人は連絡ください。 日本語の勉強は少ししたが、 翻訳機を使用します。 性別、年は関係なく連絡ください。

Hello! I have always wanted a foreign friend I love learning languages and cultures right now I am learning Korean and Chinese, if you want to I can teach you Spanish and English.... ^-^

To study foreign languages I want to make

tomoe118 , Korea
32 years old

Hello. To study foreign languages I want to make friends want to learn English and Japanese. I like to travel We welcome people to help teach foreign languages becoming friends こんにちは 私わたしはソウルに住すむ日本にほん旅行りょこうを好すきな人ひとです 日本にほん人じん友達ともだちを作つくって、日本にほん語ごの勉強べんきょうをしたいです よろしくお願ねがいします +翻訳ほんやく機きを使用しようして日本にほん語ごを 翻訳ほんやくしています


u8n_1028 , Japan
23 years old

はじめまして!日本人です。 生まれも育ちも日本!日本だいすきです 旅行に行くことが好きです。 いろんな人といろんな話をしたいです。 嵐が昔好きだったのでジャニーズの話も できます!いろんなお話をしましょう〜 ♫ 한국 ! 좋아하다 ^ㅁ^/♡ TWICE TWICE mina 좋아해요 嵐 TWICE bts 少女時代 バレー 漫画 アニメ いろんなお話をしましょう \(^ㅁ ^\/^ ㅁ^)/ 女の子の友達がほしいです!

My name is Andrew and currently live in Uganda, i would like to make friends allover the world. Am a professional teacher and Single, i like traveling, entrepreneur, reading, inventing new things, dancing, listening to music, i like animals, hanging out with friends, making friends, Arts etc Am a flexible person, DISCIPLINED , SHOW HIGHEST DEGREE

Nice to meet you
I am a 1990-year university student living in Okayama, Japan!
I think it would be nice if I could make friends abroad

shj389 , Korea
26 years old

はじめまして 日本の岡山に住んでいる1990年生の大学生です!  外国で友達ができたらいいだと思いpenpalに登録しました。 私がまだ日本語が上手じゃないですからもしかして韓国語を勉強している人はお互いに助けてくれながら勉強しませんか 日常会話などをしながら、仲良くなれば美味しいお菓子や物を送りあったり一緒に遊んだりできるようになりたいです! もちろん長く付き合っていける友達を探しています(^^) kakao、もやっているのでそちらのほうでも連絡できるようになれば嬉しいです(^^) よろしくお願いします!