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What penpal means and Who is penpal ?! Penpal or pen pal is a person who usually lives in a different country , and makes friendship with you in various ways. In past penpals start making their friendships via exchangeing handwritten letters. But nowadays people are too lazy for this and just start their friendship by searching on internet that is faster and more interesting way ! ;) There are many websites to help you find your desiered penpal and one of them is our site ( You can join our pen pals in a very easy steps! just fill out four registeration fields and join our penpals ;) After joining you can share your travel photos , your lovely foods and All you wish. And you can chat with other pen pals as much as you like withought having a pen or pencil! :D

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There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals , just register in site and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like.

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Hello. I want to make friends with both boys and girls.
I am usually interested in Japanese

jangminj , Korea
31 years old

안녕하세요 남녀노소 다같이친구하고싶어 이렇게 말해요 평소 일본어에 관심이많아서 배우며 친하게지내고싶어요 일본 문화를 특히 좋아하고 일본 음식도 많이 좋아해요 많은 친구 부탁할게요^^ こんにちは老若男女みんなで友達にしたいそう言い 普段日本語に関心が高く学び親しく過ごしたいです 日本文化を特に好きで、日本の食品もたくさん好きです 多くの友人にお願いよ^^ㅇ

Hi! I am a Korean student.
I want to communicate with friends from many countries!
I speak English and work

ok8603 , Korea
16 years old

안녕하세요! 한국 학생입니다 저는 여러 나라 친구들과 교류하고 싶어요! 저는 영어와 일본어를 배우고 싶습니다! 영어는 학교에서 배워서 그래도 어느정도 알지만 일본어는 아주 못해요!ㅠ^ㅠ 그렇지만 저는 애니메이션도 좋아하고 아이돌도 좋아해서(특히 YG) 서로 관심사가 통하는 친구와 펜팔하고 싶어용 친해지면 실제로 편지도 주고받고 선물도 주고받고 싶습니다! 저는 카카오톡과 라인을 하는데 주로 카카오톡을 해요! 이상한 메일은 받지 않겠습니다. 저와 펜팔하고 싶으신분들은 메일보내주세요~! Hi~ I'm a Korean student. I wanna trade with friends of many countr

Hey my name is ilknur and I'm currently a student.

pugno , Turkey
18 years old

Hey my name is ilknur and I'm currently a student. I would love to make some new friends and learn about some new cultures. so don't hesitate to mail me, i'll be waiting~

Hi, I'm Nydal ! I'm 20I'm from Mayotte (France). I

nydou , France
22 years old

Hi, I'm Nydal ! I'm 20I'm from Mayotte (France). I don't know what can I say about me cuz there is a lot of things that I can say I think I'll can write a book. So I'm a weird , I really like Japan animes, playing video games, and programming with my computer, but I like also sport my favorite sport is basketball, but I like also volleyball, snow

Hi, I like to be a new friend pen pal and seek out those who like to know me. I'm into internet, exchanging ideas and knowledge. I live alone.

Hi, my name is Van. I'm from Indonesia. Now, i'm in the second grade of High School. My hobbies are playing games, and reading some books. I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, English, and bit of Japanese. I'd like to hear any stories from every place around the world.

Hi, I'm Hanako from Japan.
I would like to be frie

kirasm , Japan
20 years old

Hi, I'm Hanako from Japan. I would like to be friends with you! I like to travel and try new things! Please send me messages ;)

A man born in 87 years.
I study Japanese by myself, but I can manage to read or talk.

corrnet , Korea
30 years old

ども~87年生まれの男です。 日本語の勉強は独学してますが, 読むとか話をするとかもなんとか行けます。でもやはりデタラメすぎて, 日本の人と話しながらもっと勉強したいとおもってます。もちろん韓国語で話したい方にも力になりますよ 年とか性別とか関係なく連絡してください。 趣味はカラオケで日本の歌を歌うことです。18番はラルクの'winter fall' siam shadeの歌ほとんどですね。 日本のバンド大好きです。b'zとかsiam shade とかラルクにbump of chicken, 昔の歌が好みですけどね(趣味であって得意ではありません) いつか日本の人と一緒にカラオケにいけたらいいな~なんつって。


kokoo418 , China
26 years old

初めまして! 日本五年目在住の留学生です。駅弁の工学部で勉強しています。 趣味は洋楽、洋画、撮影、旅行や小説色々です!日本語、英語、中国語喋れます。よかったら色々お話ししましょー^^ よろしくお願いします!

Hello~! I'm a proud bunny mama who also love reading YA books (fantasy are the best). I do play some video game too, but only Nintendo games ! I'd love to exchange letters with another bunny mama (or papa) from Japan or wherever ! Thanks for reading ! Please come say hi

Nice to meet you, I went to Osaka about September
I have been living in Osaka for several years now and have no friends
It is lonely

eva244 , Korea
29 years old

初めまして、私は9月度ほど大阪きました これから大阪に数年間生きており、友人がいなくて 寂しいですねよろしくお願いしますメッセージお待ちしてます

Talk me first pls ^~^
Hi, I search person for exch

yushei , France
18 years old

Talk me first pls ^~^ Hi, I search person for exchange language (korean-french, japanese-french) I love serie, drama etc. I adore hip hop music, j-pop, rock I go in korea for 2019! I love reading and drawing, make up I play video-game. (fortnite, lol etc) I m Bi

楽しかったー(੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾

k1zu7 , Japan
31 years old

こんにちは^^ 今月5回目の韓国旅行に行きました‼︎ 楽しかったー(੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾ 韓国語を少し話せるようになりたくて。 日本の大阪に住んでいます^^ 仲良くしてください‼︎ 안녕하세요 ^^ 이번 달 5회째의 한국 여행에 갔습니다. 즐거웠다!!!! 한국어를 조금이라도 이야기할 수 있게 되고 싶다. 일본의 오사카에 살고 있습니다. 사이 좋게 지내 주세요 ^^

한국어를 공부하고 있습니다

yu23ex24 , Japan
23 years old

안녕하세요 こんにちは 유우미입니다 ゆうみです 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다 韓国語を勉強しています 일본어와 일본에 관심이 있다면 꼭 연락 기다리고 있습니다 日本語や日本に興味のある韓国の方、ぜひ連絡まっています 언젠가 한국에 놀러 가고 싶다고 생각하고 있습니다. いつか韓国へ遊びに行きたいと思っています。 趣味:絵を描くこと ドラマを見ること 韓国語を勉強すること

こんにちは 안녕하세요 你好 Hello 
저는일본사람이에요 나고야에 살고있습니다

ennna , Japan
24 years old

こんにちは 안녕하세요 你好 Hello 저는일본사람이에요 나고야에 살고있습니다 만나서 반갑습니다 ^ ^ 한국어는 공부중입니다. 아직 잘못해요ㅜㅜ 한국음식도 음악도 좋아요. 한국좋아서 여행도 가요 일본 프로야구 너무 좋아서 같은 취미의 사람과 친해지고 싶어요! 나이가 가까운 진구를 사귀고싶어요. 잘부탁드립니다 여러분 메일 주세요~^^ 사진없는사람 프로필없는사람에게는 답장안해요. 죄송해요. 你好 我是日本人 对中文有兴趣 几乎不知道中文 喜欢exo张艺兴 我想成为朋友的中国exo紛丝 谢谢 LINE,kakao,Twitter,instagramしてます! 日本プロ野球が大好きなので同じ趣味の人と仲良くなりたいです。

Hello!Im Asuka and High school student.
I like mu

asukaru0 , Japan
18 years old

Hello!Im Asuka and High school student. I like music And I learning Korean. Your message is always welcomed まだ韓国語は上手ではありませんがお話ししましょう! I have LINE ID

Hello, my name is Cyrus. My native language is English and I speak some Spanish and I just started learning Japanese. My hobbies include music, drawing and watching anime. I hope to make lots of friends all over the world, especially in Japan and I hope to live in Japan one day.

Hello. I'm a 21-year-old college student living in Seoul.
Now I'm leaving the university and I'm a waiter!

hwang993 , Korea
20 years old

안녕하세요 서울에거주중인 21살대학생이구요 지금은 대학교그만두고 웨이터하고있어요! 일본어를 독학하고잇는데 일본친구들한테.도움받고싶구 일본인친구를사귀고싶어용~ 취미는 여행다니는거구 놀러다니는거좋아해요~ 한국어와한국탐방같이하실 일본인친구들 연락주세요!^.^

Hello im 23 years old. I enjoy learning about people and other cultures. I would love to learn other languages and travel the world.

Hi :)
Im 21 years old university student from kore

lacoste_ , Korea
22 years old

Hi :) Im 21 years old university student from korea And here to make many foreign freind! Now im planning to learning spanish and japanese So hope to get some help at here lol Im fluent at korean, and english. But my english is not perfect so plz understand! I really like sports movie art and travle In that reason, i like to travel to europe for w

Hello. My name is Song Ji-hyun.
Living in Uljin a

adol4869 , Korea
25 years old

Hello. My name is Song Ji-hyun. Living in Uljin and 25 years old. my job is a professional soldier and I want to be a good friend, こんにちは私の名前はソンジヒョンです 蔚珍に住んでいて25歳です 職業は職業軍人であり、良い友達になりたいです

When my Grandfather moved from Turkey to Germany y

korkii , Turkey
20 years old

When my Grandfather moved from Turkey to Germany years ago I was destined to grow up bilingual. Maybe that is the reason why I am interested in so many other cultures and languages. My name is Merve and I'm 19 years old. I'm studying Mathematics and English. I love Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes - and maybe that is the reason why I love Great

I am an actor living in Seoul, Korea.
I enjoy reading, watching movies, and exercising.

vhfxm123 , Korea
28 years old

안녕하세요 한국 서울에서 거주하고 있는 배우입니다. 독서, 영화감상, 운동 좋아합니다. 언어를 공부하면서 친구들을 사귀고 싶어서 펜팔을 시작하게 됬습니다. 중국으로 유학준비 중이구요. 중국친구들 많이 사귀었으면 좋겠습니다.^^ Hello! i'm actor and i live in Seoul, Korea i want to meet many friends nice to meet you!^^ 早上好。我学, 我住在首尔。 很多朋友们见面。见到您很高兴。^^

My name is Marcela.I'm from Poland (exactly Cracow) I'm 16 ;D I love dancing,basketball,gymnastic,watching movies(especially horror movies *_*) and singing (

Hello! I am Leonie. I am fluent in English lol and I am learning Japanese and Korean. I want to find great friends who are willing to talk very often :) I love kpop, khip-hop, jhip-hop, anime and kdramas. I use tumblr, whatsapp, line, kakaotalk, skype, snapchat, instagram etc (what i say below is not a complete translation of the english above, s