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You can find new penpal friends from Russia. There are penpal requests from Russia , you can see them and decide who can be a good penpal friend for you . Try to contact different penpals from Russia and wait for their respone . Hope you can find good penpal friends :)

How to find penpal friend from Russia:

There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals from Russia , just register in citymity website and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like in Russia.

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Hello everybody. my name is Julia. I love to commu

juli95 , Russia
21 years old

러시아에 온 소냐에요.
Hello, I'm Sonya, nice to mee

nuaki , Russia
17 years old

Hello! My name is Kim! I love to dance and c

kimdrive , Russia
15 years old

Привет, меня зовут Александра. Я живу в России в г

sanmi_34 , Russia
17 years old

안녕하세요! 제 이름은 아나스타샤예요. 3월에 한국으로 가려고 해요. 언니랑 같이 여행할까

summerti , Russia
25 years old

Hello! I am friendly, sociable, humorous person. A

alla8889 , Russia
28 years old

my name is Anna
live in Russia

izumi_an , Russia
16 years old

Hello everyone!
My name is Alina. I'm from Russia

rshchna , Russia
21 years old

Hi, I from Russia and I am a student
I am interest

xoxo_731 , Russia
18 years old

Hi, im Yu. I speak only english and russian langua

yuiityan , Russia
15 years old

Hello! Guten Tag! Привет!
My name is Sasha
I'm stu

weiss , Russia
20 years old

My name is Svetlana. But people call me Sveta or L

xo-lana , Russia
26 years old

Hi everyone. My name is Anna. I am from Russia. I

anulita , Russia
20 years old

HI, my name is Sonia. I'm FEFU student, studying k

soezoe , Russia
20 years old

Hi! I am Julie and I want to find new friends. I l

yuli00 , Russia
20 years old

I'm here to make friends and discuss any th

wsill , Russia
41 years old

Hello everybody)
I was born in 1995.
i live in Rus

elli203 , Russia
21 years old

안녕!~ 레라예요. 한국어를 공부한 지 6개월이 되었어요. 그래서 한국어로 잘 말할 줄 몰

infant , Russia
21 years old

Hello, my name is Lena (Helen) and Im 23 years old

alexhiki , Russia
23 years old

Hi! My name is Lina, I'm from Russia. 
I'm a very

bakeneko , Russia
26 years old

Hi. I am looking for good people, friends all over

korsika , Russia
35 years old

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I'm 16 yea

elsabel , Russia
17 years old

I'm just an artist, everything is simple
на самом

tvcomrad , Russia
19 years old

My name is Lada. I am living in Kazakhstan.
To be

custorus , Russia
16 years old

My name is Yuliya. I live in Russia.
I want to

yuliya93 , Russia
23 years old

Привет, меня зовут Лера. Я люблю заводить новых др

lera_16 , Russia
15 years old

Looking for snail mail pen pals and postcard pals.

renard93 , Russia
23 years old

Hi! My name is Angelina or call me Angfox. I am 17

angfox , Russia
18 years old

Hello. My name is Ruslan. I live in Russia. My age

rusignat , Russia
29 years old

меня зовут Лиза и я была бы рада пообщаться с инос

zdarova , Russia
16 years old

Heeey! An English teacher from Russia looking for

kate_mus , Russia
24 years old

Hey. I am Vlada and I'm 14 years old . I do dudlin

vladak , Russia
14 years old

Hello! My name is Liza. I am 12 but I have been to

iakush , Russia
13 years old

yoo i dont go on this much but add me anyway! lmao

evgenya , Russia
23 years old

My name is Natasha. I'm from Russia. 18 y.

akiratya , Russia
18 years old

Было бы очень здорово найти друга по переписке из

mayak_6 , Russia
17 years old

hi. my name is Margaux, I am 15 years old. I live

margo013 , Russia
15 years old

Hi :) My name is Lera. I like spanish culture,i li

leravt , Russia
21 years old

Hello! Hello, my future paper each!
Talk about you

inna08 , Russia
14 years old

Hello guys^^ My name is Adelia. I am 22years old.

sps_195 , Russia
23 years old

저는 알렉산드라에요. 러시아 사람이에요. 1993년에 태어났어요. 저는 볼로

mimimeow , Russia
23 years old

Hello everyone. my name is Vlada and I am 12 years

vladaaaa , Russia
15 years old

Hello! ^^
I'm 19 years old and I'm a student. 
I w

berroy , Russia
20 years old

I'm living in Seoul and have no friends here, so I

voigt , Russia
22 years old

hi! Guten Tag! 안녕 ^^
I like Korean culture, so I l

forget_m , Russia
19 years old

Hi there!
I'm from Russia, Syberia. I live in a co

phoeber , Russia
18 years old

HALLO EVERYONE I'm Kevin and I like to party I'm f

kenrush , Russia
14 years old

Hello. My name is Anastasia, you can just call me

taisi , Russia
33 years old

I am from Russia
And i want to find friends fro

elizavet , Russia
16 years old

Hi , my name is Nail' - I'm from Russia , want to

animanga , Russia
26 years old

Hello c:
My name is Katya^^
I love k-pop, rap, dan

minochii , Russia
17 years old

My name is Ivan, I'm looking for a friend for lear

ivan897 , Russia
22 years old

Hi. My name is Elya. I live in Russia. .I have 14

crazybee , Russia
15 years old

Hi, I'm looking for friends. I like music, art, ph

cepheii , Russia
19 years old

Hi))I want to learn korean, please, help me^^

dishidii , Russia
16 years old

Hello! My name is Masha. Let's be friends ^^

miley528 , Russia
24 years old

Привет, меня зовут Елена, недавно я начала изучать

teorisa , Russia
32 years old

안녕하세요~ Hello~
전 레나예요. 한국어를 공부해요.
I'm Helen.

spring95 , Russia
21 years old

HELLOOOO. my name is Diana. I'm from Russia . I am

diana0 , Russia
18 years old

Hello there!
So, you first need to introduce mysel

hyun6 , Russia
15 years old