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You can find new penpal friends from China. There are penpal requests from China , you can see them and decide who can be a good penpal friend for you . Try to contact different penpals from China and wait for their respone . Hope you can find good penpal friends :)

How to find penpal friend from China:

There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals from China , just register in citymity website and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like in China.

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Hello,I am waitting for someone who is willing to

harvey13 , China
21 years old

こんにちはhello everyone.

kenny233 , China
23 years old

I am a high school student from China
You can

lpdddddd , China
16 years old

So here I am. I don't like talk about myself. Howe

vegeta2 , China
27 years old

Hey hey! My name is Zhusijiong, I come from China,

zhuji , China
22 years old

My name is Huang JingTing. i am 23 years o

hjting , China
22 years old

I want to make many foreign friends!
If inte

weidanzi , China
31 years old

Hello, I am Zhang Lixin.I am a Chinese boy.I am ne

zhang219 , China
15 years old

Hello,I am a Chinese girl.I am a college student n

witch111 , China
18 years old

my name is Dorothy,I'm a Chinese girl.
I li

eeedudu , China
16 years old

I am a Chinese
I'm learning English and

qinshan , China
27 years old

Nice to meet you.
Graduated from BUCT last year.No

linqy , China
23 years old

Hi, everybody. My name is Zhou Min. I am a woman w

zhoumin , China
36 years old

Hi:) I'm glad to make new friends and I believe ev

zexilv , China
19 years old

I am Chinese, I live in the south of China,

ycheon20 , China
22 years old

Hi, everybody. I'm from China. I don't have anythi

a103966 , China
33 years old

Hi,my name is Wei Jiaqi.I come from China.I'm 16 y

wjq521 , China
16 years old


humeimei , China
23 years old

Hey what's up everybody! I have a cat called Bonni

capri95 , China
22 years old

你好(^_^),nice to meet name is guoshanhang,an

jiujie , China
21 years old

Hello,this is Zoe from China.I am a freshman this

zoe_cayo , China
18 years old

Living in New Zealand and Looking for some fun. If

trding , China
32 years old

Hey there.I'm a friendly funny native Chinese spea

ly1994 , China
22 years old

こんにちは 私は中国に住んでいる高二生です 日本の語学とか文化とかいろんな面白いことに夢中してるから

accompa , China
18 years old

P.S. 系统提示内

moynexty , China
27 years old

Hi, everybody. I am a college student from xi 'an

luckyhq , China
18 years old

I want a girl who just want to chat to make fr

d-nana , China
21 years old

Hi there. I'm Wang Xi, born and been raised up in

drkho , China
33 years old

I come from China, I am 17 years old, can call me

lsjjxl , China
17 years old

I'm from China, my English name is Gopal. I'm goin

yao-peng , China
21 years old


rachelhe , China
24 years old


mori55 , China
29 years old


z_p_h , China
16 years old

Hello, my name is Xiao nan,I'm from China.
I used

luodishu , China
32 years old


a53b67da , China
22 years old

My name is Wangziyi,my English name is Te

wangziyi , China
15 years old

hi,I'm a Chinese girl,and I want to meet friends f

leoyi , China
23 years old

Hey, nice to meet you.
Want to make s

mariko2b , China
27 years old

Hi, I am Mavis who comes from China.
I like readi

fmavis , China
23 years old

I'm a chinese who 通訳を勤めています。

wweksim , China
31 years old

初めまして  i`m now studying Japanese at language schoo

yangjia , China
22 years old

Hi there,
I am Xuanyu Wu from China.
I also have

wxy9934 , China
17 years old


aleen , China
30 years old

My name is Zhang Xuzhe.
I am a middle school stud

admiralx , China
17 years old

Hello,my name is connie .I'm 19.I'm a undergraduat

zinnia , China
19 years old

Whoever you are 
Wherever you are
There's a nice C

louisvil , China
19 years old

I am a high school student in China.我是一名高中生(中国)

jaylasun , China
18 years old


toukai , China
24 years old


trista2 , China
14 years old


tangxixi , China
28 years old

Hi everyone! My Chinese name is zhang shang. Shang

upper , China
18 years old

Hello everyone my name is stellaI'm19 years old I'

stella68 , China
20 years old

My Chinese name is Zhang Yuhao, you can just call

dgsgdsgd , China
14 years old

Bigbang fan,
Tokyo Ghoul,
Godness Krystal.etc

gsinyo , China
19 years old


clsky , China
22 years old

I like rain,
I like snow,
like sunshine light wate

lightsky , China
27 years old

This is greeting from Arthur, student from China a

arthur00 , China
20 years old


kb24kbkb , China
16 years old

❤你好❤Hello ❤Bonjour❤Ciao❤привет❤여보세요❤こんにちは❤ 
I am E

emily229 , China
16 years old

My name is Lily. I am 15 years old. I love list

anson258 , China
15 years old