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You can find new penpal friends from Canada. There are penpal requests from Canada , you can see them and decide who can be a good penpal friend for you . Try to contact different penpals from Canada and wait for their respone . Hope you can find good penpal friends :)

How to find penpal friend from Canada:

There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals from Canada , just register in citymity website and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like in Canada.

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Hi, my name is J. I was born and raised in Canada.

love3921 , Canada
25 years old

Heyy! I'm Caity:)
If I don't reply to your message

caityb77 , Canada
19 years old

My name is Linda. I am 23 years old (I wa

snowstar , Canada
23 years old

Hello! Salut!
I enjoy making new friends.
I speak

lucario , Canada
18 years old

안녕하세요, 저는 리나예요. 저는 캐나다에서 살고 있는 대학생이에요. 내년에 한국에 유학갈

lenaasho , Canada
19 years old

I live in Canada now and I'd like to make

ufeng , Canada
23 years old

hi :) my name is Patricia and I'm from Canada in t

pat24 , Canada
21 years old

Hello from Canada. I am looking mainly for new fri

aradia12 , Canada
58 years old

My name is Aura and I live in Canada. 

aurafjt , Canada
19 years old

Hello people!
I am 26 years old, single, and born

allsop , Canada
28 years old

This is as weird as leaving a voice mail :). Im lo

rustyzen , Canada
35 years old

An asian girl who loves to draw, eat and sleep. Mo

ayleet , Canada
18 years old

Hellow guys ! My name is Eda ^^
I want to meet new

shyhii , Canada
18 years old

Hello my name is Jayla,
I am excited to get to kno

jayla , Canada
11 years old

Hello! My name is Matt and I'm 24 years old. I liv

matty91 , Canada
25 years old

Hi! I'm Jiya! I'm currently learning Korean! I wan

jiya_s , Canada
16 years old

Hi! I'm Ayla- Nice to meet you! I really love maki

cubicete , Canada
16 years old

Hello! こんにちは! 
I am a Canadian girl who can speak

jazzy-d , Canada
20 years old

こんにちは、私の名前はガブリエルです。21 歳、私はカナダのケベックに住んでいます。私はフランス語と

gb1995 , Canada
21 years old

Anime is life | Gravity Falls | TØP| P!ATD | Huffl

isabeldu , Canada
15 years old

Hello~ I love to learn different languages and cul

ksmjb , Canada
21 years old

저는 달리아 라고 합니다! 한국 나이로 22살입니다. 팔레스타인 출신이지만

dalya95 , Canada
21 years old

Hello I'm Gabby! 
I'm here to make a few friends

astro19 , Canada
16 years old

Hello my name is Elena! Nice to meet you all! I'm

eruiz , Canada
20 years old

안녕하세요! 저는 Kyla 이에요. 22세예요. 조금 한국어 알아요. Seriously,

no_dream , Canada
22 years old

24 year old
London, Canada

ヘイ !クリッシ

chrissy8 , Canada
27 years old


I'm Kate. I am originally from Vancouver, Can

naomig , Canada
45 years old

Come lets be friends! Just looking for someone to

maslee , Canada
48 years old

18 year old student, entrepreneur, music and anima

bentley_ , Canada
18 years old

HI, I would like to found someone to write and exc

frank_93 , Canada
23 years old

Salut je souhaite correspondre avec une fille de S

transgab , Canada
28 years old

'm always interested in other cultures as I was I

notenoug , Canada
25 years old

Hi Im Steve nice to meet you all!
Im a Korean who

happy999 , Canada
24 years old

Hey, my name is Mikayla, and I am 14 I am from Can

mikayla7 , Canada
15 years old

I can speak in English and French fluently & I

ttt222 , Canada
24 years old

My name is Kaylee, but you can call me Mei

meisan , Canada
16 years old

はじめまして Lance です。
89年生まれ 24歳です。

yongfeel , Canada
27 years old

Hello, My name is Cindy and I'm from Canada. 

cindyxyz , Canada
22 years old

Hello! My name is Hope! I am 20 years old and live

hope_989 , Canada
20 years old

Hello! I'm looking for a Japanese penpal or a Fren

athena99 , Canada
18 years old

I am a 62 year old woman, great lover of animals,

linhill , Canada
63 years old

Hello everyone! 
My name is Thomas from Canada 

csoma , Canada
53 years old

Hi! My name is Lili, and I'm currently a junior in

lillibel , Canada
17 years old

Hey, My name is Maddie!
I hope to make friends all

madio , Canada
21 years old

Hey there. I'm from Canada and looking for friends

dclang , Canada
27 years old

Name is Randy, and am in my final year of my unive

randya , Canada
22 years old

Hi guys!
My name's Andreanne and I'm a photography

moonyyuu , Canada
20 years old

Hi everyone! ♥
My name is Myriam, I am a 18 years

ksacia , Canada
20 years old

Hello, my name is Melody. I live in Canada. I am c

melodyt , Canada
25 years old

Hello, my name is Mathew, I am 19 years old and I

mat51 , Canada
20 years old

私は 少し 日本語が できて カナダに 住む MAK です。 よろしくおんがいします

mak089 , Canada
38 years old

こんにちは、カナダに住んでるハーフです 僕は日本にいる英語がもっと知りたい学生と話したいです。 日本

bran_mac , Canada
16 years old

Hello~ ^^ I am Ivona. 
I love korea and japan. I a

ivonaeva , Canada
19 years old

im Nicole, im from nova scotia, Canada. im not rea

nicole_d , Canada
20 years old

Hi~ I'm Justine. I'm a high school student from Am

jengel22 , Canada
18 years old

Je suis une femme habitant la région de

binne , Canada
33 years old

my name is Elizabeth. I am a student studyi

elichii , Canada
24 years old

Hi my name is Kathe and i will like to have a new

lumika , Canada
35 years old

Canadian student enjoying litterature, poetry, cin

kaachan , Canada
20 years old

Hello! 안녕! I'm just looking for friends who want t

joker98 , Canada
18 years old