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You can find new penpal friends from Australia. There are penpal requests from Australia , you can see them and decide who can be a good penpal friend for you . Try to contact different penpals from Australia and wait for their respone . Hope you can find good penpal friends :)

How to find penpal friend from Australia:

There are many people all over the world who like to have a foreigner friend. You can find different people male or female in all range of age who are looking to have new penpal friends. It is easy to have penpals from Australia , just register in citymity website and you will have access to all registered penpals in citymity penpals :) It is easy and free and you can have as many penpal friends as you like in Australia.

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gensumb , Australia
29 years old

I'm an English Teacher looking to hear from female

db8888 , Australia
47 years old

Hi there :)
My name's Nick. I'm from Melbourne, A

nickagga , Australia
22 years old

Hi there, my name is Michael and I live in Brisban

willy71 , Australia
45 years old

Hi! I love to meet new people and having pen pals

sass88 , Australia
28 years old

My name is Phillip I'm 32 year's old singl

philc83 , Australia
33 years old

Hi guys! I work in social research and volunteer f

mish_au , Australia
28 years old

Hi there,
my name is Rainie from Australia.
I am a

barbe , Australia
19 years old

Hi I'm Kim
I'm Chinese Australian, 
I'm interested

hykj7 , Australia
18 years old

일본어 공부중 이예요 !
일본으로 출장도 자주 가요^^
공부에도 매진하고싶고

cowboy12 , Australia
26 years old

Hey everyone im tess, theres nothing really intere

kimtess , Australia
16 years old

Hello! I'm a first year Japanese student studying

nel115 , Australia
20 years old

hello! im shania
id really like to make some frien

shaniale , Australia
17 years old

Hi, my name is Meg and I am a bubbly lady with a g

megrene , Australia
66 years old

Hi guys! Im Josh, 24 yo Korean living in Australia

chaing06 , Australia
24 years old


holly718 , Australia
26 years old

hi im korean but i live in Australia 
안녕하세요 한국인이지만

ghwn6012 , Australia
19 years old

My name is Renee and I'm 17 years old
Im ma

rikku , Australia
18 years old

hello :)

i'm korean and i am living in busan whic

devil151 , Australia
24 years old


chaerin2 , Australia
21 years old


viki1997 , Australia
19 years old

I would like a Korean pen pal!! I'm fluent in Engl

ltdragon , Australia
16 years old

HI! 언녕하네요! こんにちは! 你好!
I'm William. 커는William에요. 私は

will_wu , Australia
18 years old

My name is Lakshan
I am Sri Lankan
Living is A

lak065 , Australia
21 years old

Hi I am looking for Penpals from anywhere I only S

kml23 , Australia
46 years old

Am a woman with soft heart and i want an happy rel

happyluv , Australia
33 years old


bellalou , Australia
24 years old


joseph-s , Australia
15 years old

I'm an Australian Korean guy from Sydney... but no

notofu , Australia
30 years old

Hi there!
My name's Sarah and I'm 24 and I live in

sarah-24 , Australia
24 years old

I'm an Australian born Korean and wish to imp

twenty5 , Australia
17 years old

みなさん!こんにちは ☆彡 I am Danni ஜ 
Nice to meet you!
I ca

xinkchic , Australia
27 years old

Hello, I am a young bright man looking for a pen p

goodwin , Australia
18 years old

Hi my names Kane,
I love learning new things, and

cm410085 , Australia
27 years old


rydia032 , Australia
18 years old

Hi would just like to meet people from all over..m

havachat , Australia
42 years old

hi Im Megan I would love to find a Japanese penpal

mziar1 , Australia
13 years old


mivory , Australia
48 years old

My names Bryce I can only speak English and that's

bryce00 , Australia
16 years old

Hey, my name is Neo. I'm a 15 year old from Austra

exneo , Australia
15 years old

I just want to have genuine conversations wi

myumyst , Australia
18 years old

Hello too you,
I am trying to find a real and tru

ahadfied , Australia
32 years old

Hi. I'm Yun from korea. I am able to speak english

evan4696 , Australia
34 years old

Hello everyone!
My name is Jaime and I'm from Aus

jaimec , Australia
22 years old

I am from Sydney, Australia and I can spe

kaisiii , Australia
18 years old

Hi my nickname is Bubz and I'm from Sydney, Austra

kmio07 , Australia
23 years old

Hi, I'm Mali! 
Australian-born Kenyan, looking to

malipoo , Australia
15 years old

Hellooo, I'm Jay and I'm just looking for people t

jjello , Australia
15 years old


bubbaaaa , Australia
20 years old

Hi! My name is Tegan and I'm studying in Seoul thi

tegrenae , Australia
22 years old

I'm Garyfrom Australia. I've spent years s

gareth_k , Australia
34 years old

Dancer 21
University Student
My major is

aabbayy , Australia
22 years old

Hi, i'm excited to make new friends and hopefully

kiara00 , Australia
18 years old

I am a christian man that has a strong faith in Je

markw66 , Australia
58 years old

Hey! How you all doing
I'm 31 and an Aussie guy. I

karumu , Australia
34 years old

Hey guys my name is Nicholas, I'm 15 years old and

nickbro , Australia
16 years old

Hello! I'm Lachlan from Australia, I've spent 9 mo

lachie , Australia
25 years old

Hi everyone!
I'm Laura and I'm a tourism graduate

mslaura , Australia
30 years old

Hey looking for my soulmate... She is a tall and a

saintlex , Australia
33 years old

Hello, I'm Allen and I am from Australia

I want

kazstar , Australia
26 years old