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Coucou tous le monde,
Comment se décrire pas faci

mika1983 , France
35 years old

kuul guy ,strong ,respectful, a lawn tennis player

adysi , Ghana
21 years old

i'm from Turkey..
I like hang out, draw

bright94 , Turkey
22 years old

안녕! Salut ! Hi !
My name is Emilie, i'm 17 years-o

ze-emy34 , France
17 years old

Hey, I'm Halit. I'm leraning English, I love serie

halitert , Turkey
17 years old

Hello! My name is Oksana and i'm from Ukraine. No,

humanity , Ukraine
21 years old

Hello everybody.. my name is zeynel. I'm a student

zeynelcn , Turkey
18 years old

Hi! My name is Anna and I live in Hungary. I'm her

annaluna , Hungary
21 years old

Hello, my name is evelyn i love making new friends

evelyn56 , United States
17 years old

Hi! I'm here to meet new people from other countri

tiph-hnr , France
19 years old

Hello , i am Gözde .I wanna improve my English.

gozde001 , Turkey
24 years old

Heya, I'm Morgana, i am currently in College in En

morgieee , United Kingdom
17 years old