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penpals I'm Skyler and I'm 17 years old. I live in the Uni

I'm Skyler and I'm 17 years old. I live in the Uni

I'm Skyler and I'm 17 years old. I live in the United States and I'm interested in having friends from around the world! I'm interesting in cooking and I love to read. Listening to music is one of my favorite things, I really like listening to K-pop and alternative music.

Penpal friendship Requests :

I won't accept if you lie about your age, face, country and so all. Don't begin.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

The Bachelor
Life is beautiful;
How I Met Your Mother

My Favorite musics :

Classical music
Aerosmith-ZZTop---old ROCKER! LeAnn Rimes---most any Country MUSIC-Bluegrass
Eminem, Akon, Cris Brown, Dj Snake, Passengers, Rihana, Selena Gomez..
Lord of the Rings
I am big fan of movies! I watched more than 250 movies in my life. Unfortunately, I can't write all of them :(

My Hobbies And Interests :

I love mysteries :D
languages of objects
I like reading

My Favorite Books:

The fault in our stars
The Fosters Book

My Favorite Quotes:

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. Zoe Kravitz

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저는 서울에 유학하고 있는 일본인입니다
한국어를 공부하고 있습니다
아직도 서투루

chemmy35 , Japan
26 years old

I am an 93 - year student living in Korea!
Favorite dogs, music, movies

gnstjq31 , Korea
23 years old

你好,希望我们可以成为好朋友~ ^ ^
like k-pop(like BIGBANG,NONONO

chinazj , China
21 years old


neeeee32 , Japan
18 years old

I am a 98th grade student from Korea.
I like Japan and I want to associate Japanese friends to visit often

aksghl , Korea
18 years old

Hello,my name is fuyu.I come from China.I live in

fy8023 , China
15 years old


yumenoto , Japan
45 years old

I have studied and stayed in London, UK for

british7 , Korea
26 years old

I came to Japan from Seoul, Korea, and now spend my studying abroad in Japan. Please make friends with me. Still, day

shin811 , Korea
22 years old

Nice to meet you 
I'm Korean.
I can speak Japanese
Please contact me anytime
I am 26 years old.
here you go

skfkwkzl , Korea
26 years old


emi19930 , Japan
23 years old

Hi~ I'm korean people. living in korea. university

bbbbssss , Korea
24 years old

Hi everyone Im from Korea I live in Iksan which city is near from Jeon Ju providence of jeonllabukdo and Im 33yr old man I wish to make global friend and I want to exchange foreign languages and culture. If you want to know korean culture and language I will teach korean and culture what I know thank you everybody Best Regards

HIYA! I'm Brittany I love the outdoors. hiking, fishing and hunting. I draw, write, and paint. I have one pit bulls and two cats. I hope to make many friends on here. I have snapchat and email.

hi im mia im half japanese half american thats why i can speak two languages i think it makes easier to teach me and reason why i came here is because i want to learn korean from native speaker i just started to study korean but i can read korean alphabet at least lol feel free to send text me ^^ どうも 私は日本人のみあといいます ここに来た理由は本物の韓国語に触れてみたいと思った

My name is Jaleen Watkins (pronounced Jaylin) I am 17 years old and I live in the United States and I am African American. I like mysteries and my dream job is to be a detective. I'd like to visit Japan, China and Jamaica some time in the future. I would also like to learn Japanese and Korean languages. I took a class for Chinese language, so I kn

Hello, folks. I am a typical American dude, who is fascinated by the Slavic, German and Hungarian languages and cutures. My other hobbies include traveling, online chats, shopping, going for walks, and hanging out with friends, For work, I am a software engineer, working for an Internet advertising firm. I am primarily seeking contacts in Central

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle. I live in Japan now, but I want to live in many different countries in the future too. I speak both English and Japanese, but my Japanese is a little broken. Let's have fun and become friends! はじめまして!私はカイルと申します。今は日本に住んでいるけど将来に色々な国に住んでみたいです。日本語と英語が話せるけど、日本語がちょっとボロボロだから許して下さい。友達になりましょう!

Hi everyone, I would love to make new friends from around the world especially from Korea, Japan and Europe. I am a full time nurse who loves anime, manga, cooking, playing music, make up and beauty, learning new languages, kpop, etc. I hope to meet a lot of you and learn new languages and cultures. I would love to exchange gifts too. Contact me

My name is Kimberly, , I have been learning Korean but would love a Korean friend to talk to and help me get better, I would love love to talk to people and make friends, I enjoy art, singing dancing, I love kpop.

Hi, my name is Alissa! I love to write novels and talk about my characters as I plan on writing a series when I grow up. But, as of now, it's an early work in progress. On the topic of tv shows, I love shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Steven Universe, Orphan Black, and many others. I watch some anime but the list is still pretty short. I lo

Hello! Nice to meet you! I am looking for a pen pal from Japan ,I'd really like to learn your language and culture, and maybe come see you one day and show off what you teach me! Of course I will help as much as I can with practicing your English if you like (^^) I really enjoy watching anime and reading man ga, also like to play video games! My c

はじめまして。私の名前はマイクです。私はコンピュータサイエンスとコンピューターエンジニアリングの28歳の学生です。 私は世界中の文化についてもっと学びたいと思っています。私はあなたの文化について学ぶことと引き換えに英語を学ぶのを助けてくれるでしょう。私は、音楽、映画、文化、ゲーム、その他多くのことにも興味があります。 私は世界中の友達を作りたいです。 お気軽に私に連絡してください。 読んでいただきありがとうございます。私はあなたと協力していきたいと考えています。よろしくおねがいします。 P.S. 私は最近べんきょしていない。 だから、私の日本人はあまり良くない! Nice to meet you, my name is Mike and I am a 28 year old stu

Hello! I'm Aja. I'm a 21 year old student. I enjoy writing and photography. I have a relationship with horror movies, I like comics, and I really love listening to all types of music-especially K-Pop! ! ! I want to travel the world and experience different cultures. I want to meet and talk to different people so I can learn about different cultu