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penpals Hello, Im Deniz from Turkey. 
My hobbies and inter

Hello, Im Deniz from Turkey. My hobbies and inter

Hello, Im Deniz from Turkey. My hobbies and interests are music, drawing, capturing photo, movies ... My favourite films are, Le hérisson Amelia, Sakasama no Patema... 8 Seconds Have a nice day!

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is dnz1805 . I am 30 years old girl from Turkey . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Others English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) No matter where your from, you know you should
Someone nice would be real good
I want to Improve my English first.
I am looking to learn English language and practice English. I want to make new friends.

Penpal friendship Requests :

Be positive. It's better to focus on good things. :-)

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Stargate Atlantis
The Bachelorette
Bachelor in Paradise
heavens door way

My Favorite musics :

zumba / salsa music so all types of music
Death Core, Aliencore, Rock, JPOP, JROCK, EDM, Dubstep and KPOP
Blackpink | Shawn Mendez | Florence + The Machine | Hidden Citizens

My Hobbies And Interests :

My introvert side enjoys reading, writing, painting, gardening, crafts, scrap booking
photos and nature
laughing with those I care about, and cellos, mangoes, and the strange messiness of life.

My Favorite Books:

Adam Fawer - Improbable

My Favorite Quotes:

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling

  • Country: Turkey
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: Others English
  • Job: Education
  • Religion: Muslim

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Hi, / TAG !
 Are you from JAPON or USA or AFRICA y

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안녕하세요! 한국 나이 24세의 남성입니다~
다양한 친구들을 사귀어보고 싶은 생각에 Hip

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Nice to meet you.
I am Korean and live in Korea.
Meet good friends and study Japanese

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Hi I want to learn for the Japanese language and culture, I want to dating a Japanese friend. Sex is similar on age

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Hi! I am a 93 year old Korean woman!
I am looking for someone who can contact me for a long time ^ ^

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Hello, my name is wonbin and I live in Incheon Sou

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한국을 좋아하는 일본의 학생입니다!
kpop을 좋아해서 한국이 좋아하게 되었습

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I am a 97-year college student who is interested in Japan.
We are visiting Japan only during vacation because of school ~

wowns553 , Korea
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IBUSAN 안녕하세용~ 나는 터키와 보스느아 사람입나당~( 네 엄마는 터키 사람이에요, 아빠는 보스느아 사람이에요).. 21살. 저는 이스탄불에서 살아요~그래픽 디자이노이에용~. 일리네어 레코즈 좋아해요~나는 한국어를 배우고있습니다~ (자신 함께 ㅠ). 미안해용.. 내가 실수하면,말해 ㅠ.ㅠ 아이고~ 어쨌든, 반가워용 ㅂㅂ 173cm...ㅠ An Animator & Illustrator & Painter I'm sorry, im not interestin about kdrama.~ I can speak English, Korean, Turkish. My personal IG; ruvastag

Hi I'm from turkey.I'm 14 years old. I can speak e

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Hi I'm from turkey.I'm 14 years old. I can speak english. I love Korea and all about Korea. For example k-pop.. I'm big fan of BTS! I want to make korean friends^^

I study English Translatorship im 24 years old and i wanna make some foreing fridens to learn new languages

Hi!I am elif, middle school student I want to improve my English because I am not good at this but at the same time I want to meet different people who are interested in different cultures. I like reading books and doing sports, I think it's a good idea to be a pen pals with people in my age.I just want to be friends with the girls(if you want to

hi! ı'm ela and 18 years old. ı am from turkey. I

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19 years old

hi! ı'm ela and 18 years old. ı am from turkey. I want to learn korea and english. so help me for learn please.I want to make friends from many countries. I can't speak english and korea very well. so I wish I could have a friend who can teach korea and english and I love korea. I'll wait your mail. I hope we can be friends ^_^

Hello, I'm here to teach Fatih 19 years old to lea

fatih25 , Turkey
19 years old

Hello, I'm here to teach Fatih 19 years old to learn English and Turkish :) ıntstagra facebook twitter skype WhatsApp tan I get letters to my friends , I want to help those who want to learn our language , please send message :)

hi my name is Açelya I'm 13 years old. I have a br

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hi my name is Açelya I'm 13 years old. I have a brother and a sister. I like going out with my friends.I am not very tall I like eating chocolate and.I like playing football.I learning english and korean I offer my regards...

Hii! I'm Iremnaz. I'm interested in differ culture

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Hii! I'm Iremnaz. I'm interested in differ culture.So I want to meet new friends. I want to speak all nationality people. you don t care, you can sent message =))

Hi ı am özgür. I want to improve my english this is why ı look for as exchange partner .ı also want to recognize a new culture by talking with someone who can assist to me in english . I also working special company as piping engineer. Do you have any question you can ask me about with me for getting to know each other Best regards

Hello there. My name is Hasan. I love to watch tv

hasso71 , Turkey
28 years old

Hello there. My name is Hasan. I love to watch tv series, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite. I am also an amateur software developer. I love to listen to music especially frank sinatra is my favorite. I am trying to improve my English. We can be good friends. If you are looking for a friend or penpal you can write a message

Hey there!I am Asiye from Turkey. Im interested in asian culture also America too haha and Im learning korean by myself. I wanna improve my English and Korean so let's help mee. Also I want to meet people all over the world ^^ Don't hesitate just send me message! My instagram id: asiyemisdagi

hi, my name is berke. i'm eighteen years old, from turkey and i'm learning english. i need you, please message me. thanks :)