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penpals Hi, Im living in Seoul, Korea. I registered to mak

Hi, Im living in Seoul, Korea. I registered to mak

Hi, Im living in Seoul, Korea. I registered to make foreign friends. Im interested in interacting with foreign friends from another countries. I dont care about the launguage. I can speak English and Chinese also Korean. I can teach you Korean and Korean culture. Or we can just correspond. don't hesitate to send me a message :)

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is efwdqsa . I am 26 years old boy from Korea . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Korean English Chinese lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) By the way I visited few countries and wanna crossing more and more countries on my map.
I'm here to improve my english and to find interesting people and friends all over the world.
I'll be glad to talk with everyone.

Penpal friendship Requests :

I'm really keen on learning new languages, and would love to meet a language exchange partner who can help me out with my russian in exchange for either Arabic, French, or English.
Please be polite and sincere.
Who can help me to improve my English?
If you are classy, unique and a fun personality ESPECIALLY message me

My Favorite musics :

Death Core, Aliencore
Aliencore, Rock, JPOP,
REM | Hans Zimmer | Blackpink | Shawn Mendez | Florence + The Machine
Rock'n Roll
ask me about Sylvia
Lord of the Rings
anything loud and alternative - especially Apocalyptica
Smashing Pumpkins

My Hobbies And Interests :

I love history! Love learning about being an empath and spiritual awakening.
drinking tea
watching movies
: Listening to music : Watching movies : Watching Youtube : Just laying on the bed of

  • Country: Korea
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: Korean English Chinese
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Catholic

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도쿄에서 일하고 있습니다. 
한국어를 공부하고 있으므로 가르쳐줄 친구를 원합니다.

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日本に住む みか です。
英語も勉強しないと と思ってます。

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Hello! I'm Chen from China and I'm 17 years old.

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こんにちは!ソウルに住んでいる理想といいます!^ ^

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여러나라에 문화에 대해서 알고싶고
다양한 문화의 친구들이 생겼으면 좋을거같아서

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