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penpals 我叫杨贤蕾,今年20,想学习韩国语,想交韩国朋友。

My name is Yang Xianle
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我叫杨贤蕾,今年20,想学习韩国语,想交韩国朋友。 My name is Yang Xianle

我叫杨贤蕾,今年20,想学习韩国语,想交韩国朋友。 My name is Yang Xianlei 20-year-want to learn Korean, want to make Korean friends 내 이름은 양 Xianlei입니다 한국어 배우고 20 년 싶은 한국 친구를 사귀고 싶어요.

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is expresso . I am 25 years old girl from China . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Chinese lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) In instagram you can find as a , also will being glad to change likes and have a chat there)
All I want is to meet new people and talk about everything:)
I dont wanna write a lot of things about me. I like listening songs,writing poems and stuff.

Penpal friendship Requests :

Just looking to make friends.
Be yourself
I'm more than happy to teach you English, if you could teach me Japanese
I am interested in, and sometimes my thoughts in Notes. If you are interested in them, I am glad that you read them and comment on.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Charmed (the original one)
The Fosters

My Favorite musics :

Edith Piaf
The Foo Fighters
My Chemical Romance | Yiruma | Camila Cabello | BTS
I like most music but especially like the old Music

My Hobbies And Interests :

I like reading

My Favorite Books:

Stephen King, Murakami Haruki
Anne Brontë The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

My Favorite Quotes:

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I

  • Country: China
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Job: Sales
  • Religion: Buddhist

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我来自中国西南的一个小城镇 那里有山有水有古镇,有花有树有阳光 梦想是有一天能浪迹天涯 对生活喜欢随性而为,喜爱旅行与阳光,爱看小说 信仰道教和佛教,对灵异玄奇的事物感兴趣 私は中国南西の小さな町から来ました そこには山があり、水、古い町、花、木、日光があります。 夢は一日に世界を一週 生活の態度は自然で、旅行と日光、好きな小説が好きです 道教と仏教を信仰して、心霊の事物に興味を持ちます

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I am a Chinese student. I want to know some friends. Welcome letter! My hobby is online games, movies, music. Welcome to write to my friend who has a common interest. 나는 중국 학생이다.나는 몇몇 친구들을 알고 싶다.당신의 편지를 환영 합니다!나의 취미는 인터넷 게임, 영화, 음악이다.저와 같은 취미 가 있는 친구의 편지 가 환영 합니다. Je suis chinois, je voudrais reconnaître quelquesuns des amis. Se félicite de la l

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みんなさんこんにちは(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))五月雨礼(アキラ と読みます)です!中国の高校一年生です!僕は二つ外国語、つまり英語と日本語ができます_(┐「ε:)_!今はその二つ言葉で話すと書くことができます。僕は普通な手紙で交流することが好き(`・∀・´)ですから、ぜひぜひ手紙してください!ご趣味は日本ACGとアニメ、一番好きのタイプはクラナドのような感動番。宜しくお願いしますーm(_ _)m 你好!我是一名中国大陆学生,高一,我叫苗恩赉。我会两门外语,英语和日语,可以进行一般的会话交流,写作也没有什么太大问题。我很喜欢纸质书信,兴趣爱好有日本ACG, 无人机,电子烟等。看过的动漫无数。。。最爱clannad这样的哲学神作,感人系的大爱 Hello,my name is Akira


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Hey, how do you do.
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Hey, how do you do. I live in China, was reading grade. I have a dream to travel around the world, ha ha. Like South Korea! If you like kpop combination, please send me information (* ^ _ ^ *) Hope I can and I become good friends ~ ~

Well......i am new in here so it is my first exper

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I am Ambrose from China. I would like to talk to everyone. Feel free to message me. I have kakao and whatsapp.