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penpals Hi My name is Jessica and 19
I came here to make

Hi My name is Jessica and 19 I came here to make

Hi My name is Jessica and 19 I came here to make new friends. I really like to learn foreign language. I can also teach Korean if you want

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is jess9705 . I am 19 years old girl from Korea . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Korean German lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) All I want is to meet new people and talk about everything:)

My Favorite musics :

The Who
zumba / salsa music so all types of music
Ensiferum Wolfchant Equilibrium Existence Has Failed
progressive trance

My Hobbies And Interests :

My extrovert side enjoys travelling, camping, hiking, hanging out with friends and family.

My Favorite Books:

Game of Thrones series
The fault in our stars
The Silmarilion

My Favorite Quotes:

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. Zoe Kravitz
Every thing will be alright

  • Country: Korea
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Korean German
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Atheist

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I am 92nd grade Japanese at a Korean university
I am working in Japan now.

dmswjd32 , Korea
24 years old

I want to speak English well.
And I want to help

dytpq129 , Korea
22 years old

I am Jay Park. I would like to meet a good penpal

pjm0605 , Korea
30 years old

Hi. I am 87 years old and live in Korea.
I am interested in Japanese and learn a little when I am in university

raonnuri , Korea
31 years old

I don't know English
I can't read English
Korean born in 1983

s1327 , Korea
33 years old

I am a Chinese
I'm learning English and

qinshan , China
27 years old

저는 후쿠오카에 살고있는 97년생입니다!
한국나이로 20살이에요

peach33 , Japan
18 years old

How are you. I am a 22-year-old student living in Korea. I major in chemistry. The language can be English

moon5 , Korea
21 years old

Nice to meet you
I am a Korean who will work in Japan next year.
I am interested in Japan and want to make friends.

cms27 , Korea
26 years old

처음 뵙겠습니다
한국의 친구 만들고 싶어요
지금부터 한국어를 공부 할 예정입니다

haappy , Japan
23 years old


kjpos931 , Japan
53 years old

Nice to meet you.
Graduated from BUCT last year.No

linqy , China
23 years old

23years old. University student Living in Seoul.

hahehi12 , Korea
22 years old

23years old. University student Living in Seoul. Hope to meet friends from all over the world, as we communicate we could grow ourselves up and get much fun. :) Dont hesitate to contact:) 23 歳です。 僕は韓国のだい学生だげ, 今でこそ 軍に在隊中である。 日本語勉強している。日本語が上手でたい, ヘルプ! 我现在学习汉语。我想交中国朋友 还 想说好汉语 It's quite difficult to write Japanese or Chinese with my phone. As i'm not

I connected again after a long time.
I lost contact with all my penpal friends.
Contact and spend

jihong93 , Korea
23 years old

久しぶりに再び接続しました。 すべてのペンパル友達と連絡が途切れましたㅜㅜ。 連絡して過ごすこと友達を求めています。 日本語がぺらぺらじゃないから翻訳機を使っています。 互いに言葉を教えてくれながら、友人になれば良いです。 (本当に長い間親しく過ごす人のみのメールください。^^ ) Line ID あります 모든 펜팔 친구와 연락이 끊겨서, 오랫동안 연락하고 지낼 친구를 구하고 있어요. 일본어를 잘 하지못해서 번역기를 쓰고 있고, 현재 공부하고 있습니다. 서로 알려주면서 좋은 친구가 됐으면 좋겠습니다. (정말 오랫동안 친하게 지낼사람만 메일 주세요..) Hi penpal 자주 확인 하지 않아서 카카오톡이나 라인 ID알려주세요.!

I am a 19 year old high school 3rd year in Korea.
I'm going to major in practical music and bass guitar.

sohyoun8 , Korea
18 years old

한국나이로 19살 고등학교 3학년이예요.. 저는 실용음악과 베이스기타 전공을 하려고 합니다 ㅎ 일본인친구 만들고싶습니다 한국어 가르쳐드릴수 있어요.. 저는 한국어말고는 잘 못해요 ㅠㅠ 라인 카톡 페이스북 인스타그램 합니다 ㅎ

My name is jiyoon
Im high school student. 
I want

aaa706 , Korea
18 years old

My name is jiyoon Im high school student. I want to talk with many country friends. I'll wait for your reply ^^ 안녕하세요 저는 98년생 지윤입니다. 여러 다른나라 사람들과 교류하고싶어요! 화장품 코스메틱에 특히 일본의 코스메틱에 취미가 많아요. 답장 기다릴게요^^

Born in 1997 and is a Korean.
I am interested in Japan and learning Japanese.
I want Japanese friends

now0118 , Korea
20 years old

こんにちは 97年生まれ韓国人です。 日本に関心があって日本語を学んでいます。 日本の友達がほしいです! メッセージたくさん送ってください! いろいろな話をしたいです! 안녕하세요 97년생 한국인 입니다. 일본에 관심이 있어서 일본어를 배우고 있습니다. 일본친구를 원합니다! 메세지 많이 보내주세요! 여러가지 얘기를 하고싶습니다! Good morning The 97 - year - old Korean. In Japan you are interested in learning Japanese . I want Japanese friends ! Send us a lot of messages ! I want to talk about a varie

こんにちは! よろしくお願いします。

spoockey , Korea
22 years old

こんにちは! よろしくお願いします。 日本のドラマ、映画が好きです^^ 日本語が下手ですが、学んでいます! K-popの歌手たちも好きです^^ 多くの日本の友達たちと親しくなりたいです~ メールください! 21살 한국에서 살고 있습니다! 많은 사람들과 친해지고 싶어요! 일본에 관심이 있고 일본 드라마, 영화를 즐겨봅니다^^ 일본어는 아직 잘 하지 못하지만 배우고 있습니다 메일 주세요!

Hi~ nice to meet you~
Let me introduce myself.

solasido , Korea
23 years old

Hi~ nice to meet you~ Let me introduce myself. My English name is sarah. I'm 24 years old. I'm korean. I live in korea. I want to make foreign friends. I can teach you Korean and I want to learn English. And I have a kakao talk ID! We can talk with kakao talk So, Please be my friend. My English is very not good. I need your help. Thank you for rea

Nice to meet you! A Korean who is studying Japanese: 3
You can tell a lot to each other while talking together

jmdun , Korea
21 years old

はじめまして!日本語を勉強してる韓国の人です :3 一緒にお話しながらお互いにたくさん教えてもらえるようになりたいです。 特に女の人の友達が欲しいです!! 男の人は、彼氏いるから友達でよろしいお方の限り^_^ よろしくお願いします^~^

こんにちは hello 
일본이랑 미국친구를 구하고있어요~
다른 나라에 대

dk8901 , Korea
21 years old

こんにちは hello 안녕하세요~~:D 일본이랑 미국친구를 구하고있어요~ 다른 나라에 대해서 관심이 많습니다 남녀 상관없이 메일 많이 보내주세요 많이 알아가고 배우는 게 많은 친구였으면 좋겠어요 연락오래하실분 기다립니다! 親しく過ごしたらと思います 翻訳機をたくさん使いますㅠ.ㅠ

I am a senior in high school in Korea. And I am a student who likes electronics!

nikola13 , Korea
18 years old

한국에서 살고있는 고등학교3학년 입니다. 그리고 저는 전자공학을 좋아하는 학생입니다!~ 재밌고 같이 즐겁게 놀수있는사람이 펜팔이 되었으면 좋겠네요! 韓国で住んでいる高校3年生です。 そして私は電子工学を好きな学生です!~ 面白くて一緒に楽しく遊ぶことができる人がペンパルになったら良いですね!

I am a Korean student who is interested in Japan ~ I am learning skincare! I also learn Japanese that I want to talk with my friends in Japan

gaga91 , Korea
19 years old

日本に関心が多い韓国の学生です〜私はスキンケアを学んでいます!日本の友達との会話もしたい日本語も学びたくて来ペンパルをしようとし!韓国語も教えて致すことができ〜日本に旅行も行く予定です〜日本の雰囲気と音楽漫画に興味が非常に多いのです興味があるならメールください^^日本の友達と付き合いたいです!プロファイルには、18歳登録されます韓国の年齢では20歳ㅠ 잘부탁드려요 ~ 메일주세요 kakao로 연락해요~

Hello! ^ 0 ^
Let's say Min living in Korea.
My hobbies are travel and reading.
Learn Japanese by yourself

minmin80 , Korea
31 years old

こんにちは! ^ 0 ^ 韓国に住んでいるMinとします。 旅行と読書が趣味です。 日本語は独学しており、たくさん不足します。 長く連絡できる良い方とお友達になりたいです。 안녕하세요 ! ^ 0 ^ 한국에 사는 Min이라고합니다 . 여행과 독서가 취미입니다 . 일본어는 독학하고있어 많이 부족합니다 . 오래 연락 할수있는 좋은 분과 친구가되고 싶습니다 .