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penpals [size=12]Hello..My name is Fatma Nesibe Korkmaz..I

[size=12]Hello..My name is Fatma Nesibe Korkmaz..I

[size=12]Hello..My name is Fatma Nesibe Korkmaz..Im from Turkey ..Im dancer ..I'm 168cm..Im 17years old in Korea and high school grade3 student.. And I love Korea so much ..(not for kpop) I have many dreams about Korea -I will live in korea in the future -I want to study university in Korea -Im dancer for 5 years so i want to be dancer or english guide in Korea -I want to marry with korean people( because i will live in korea inthe future) So i must learn how speak korean and i want to learn korean cultures...I will be happy if u can help me ㅋ Dont be shy , u can send message to me everytime .. 고마워요 ㅋ

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is hana6656 . I am 17 years old girl from Turkey . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Korean English Others lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) By the way I visited few countries and wanna crossing more and more countries on my map.
I am fond of dancing and photography
If you want to talk to me, please don't hesitate and go on ^^

Penpal friendship Requests :

I'm searching for people who will chat with me more than one day..... I am open to chat about whatever
I come here because I need to learn everything.

My Favorite musics :

Glee | Dean Lewis | NF
I like most music but especially like the old Music
The Rasmus

My Hobbies And Interests :

movies & reading.
series and swimming
listening music,(pop,hiphop electronic,remix, trap, spanish, violin and cello proccesing,)
WARNING: all above there are only parts of my hobbies and be ready for that!

My Favorite Books:

Game of Thrones series
The Harry Potter series
The Fosters Book

My Favorite Quotes:

  • Country: Turkey
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: Korean English Others
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Muslim

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Hi! My name is Anita and i'm 19 years old. Actuall

ajdachan , Poland
19 years old

I wanted to learn a foreign language, so I signed up!
Those who will teach while talking about daily conversation like a friend

rbs5246 , Korea
22 years old

I want to know Japan and I am looking for Japanese friends!
I want to know Japanese culture and history

nngokor , Korea
25 years old

I am a 94th grade girl who likes Japan
I learned makeup at university but now

orung , Korea
22 years old

Hello! ♡
Born in 2002!
Living in Korea, Japanese cosmetics, language, culture, fashion, etc.

amy2584 , Korea
14 years old

Hello, I'm 23 years old, Park Se-yoon.
I want to meet my friends all over the world.
I'm here

parksy65 , Korea
23 years old

I was born in 1994,
I am interested in Japanese culture and want to get pen pal

dpfl603 , Korea
23 years old

Hi ~ 
I have been in; 

aytena , Turkey
25 years old

你好 。我是一个高二的学生!很高兴和大家做朋友!我喜欢看书.由其是那种有跌宕起伏情节的小说.也爱旅游

forest-z , China
17 years old

96년생 20살의 일본 여자입니다^^
독학으로 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다 

ny141 , Japan
20 years old

Hi i wanna make friends 
I like music, trip, talk

ehdrhxo , Korea
28 years old

Hello I want to make Japanese friends
I came into the pen pal site. I communicate with you.

fp1000 , Korea
18 years old

My name is Esra. In High student, in class

isratd , Turkey
20 years old

~Hello~ My name is Esra. In High student, in class. I want to make new friends ^^ I'm curious about different cultures~ Cooking, listening to music, I love to watch Korean dramas.. I love the clouds♡ Clouds believe you much love ~ dreams! Do not ever give up :) ♡ Clouds ^~^ kkk ♡ I like snail mail! ^~^ ~ I am muslim. I am not a TERRORİST!! ♡

Hi dear friends
My name is Mehmet, I'm from Turkey

mehmetd , Turkey
21 years old

Hi dear friends My name is Mehmet, I'm from Turkey I'm studying Economics Firstly I wanna learn new cultures, new places especially I wanna meet new people, Secondly i wanna improve my english if you agree with me lets start the conversation I'm waiting your messages

IBUSAN 안녕하세용~ 나는 터키와 보스느아 사람입나당~( 네 엄마는 터키 사람이에요, 아빠는 보스느아 사람이에요).. 21살. 저는 이스탄불에서 살아요~그래픽 디자이노이에용~. 일리네어 레코즈 좋아해요~나는 한국어를 배우고있습니다~ (자신 함께 ㅠ). 미안해용.. 내가 실수하면,말해 ㅠ.ㅠ 아이고~ 어쨌든, 반가워용 ㅂㅂ 173cm...ㅠ An Animator & Illustrator & Painter I'm sorry, im not interestin about kdrama.~ I can speak English, Korean, Turkish. My personal IG; ruvastag

Hi. İ'm Vadi. İ want to be friend. İ'm very love South Korea. They are kind and funny. Korean foods are very good. Of course İ love every country. Everybody should be good people. No body shoundt cry. Every animal and people should be happy. İ hope one day everybody can be hero and save world.. Animals are very important for me. I can do everthing

Hey guys ! My name is İlkmer 
I am 18 years old

ilkmer , Turkey
19 years old

Hey guys ! My name is İlkmer I am 18 years old I live in Turkey I am trying to learn English. I want to make friends.

Hello there. Nice to to meet you. I'm so excited t

dileker , Turkey
19 years old

Hello there. Nice to to meet you. I'm so excited to meet you. I hope we become friends. 내 한국어는별로 좋지 않지만 조금은 알고 있습니다.

Hello there. İ am Melike. I am 15 years old. My hobbies are listening to music , watch the korean series and movies , reading books Let's be friends! Don't be shy My English is very bad İ am sorry (İ use The translate) ^_^

Hello there. I'm a university student . I read lit

ayseeey , Turkey
19 years old

Hello there. I'm a university student . I read literature. I love literature. I like traveling. Learning language is my pleasure. I learned Spanish as a new language. Then I want to learn Japanese and korean. I play violin. I do ballet. I have a lot of hobbies

Hi my name is Melisa.We can talk French or English. We can talk Korean too but my Korean not enough Im studying Cumhuriyet University at Sivas and my family is living (turkey) Bursa My second home (turkey)Bursa Add me Instagram melisa.shinee Snapchat melisashinee I'm here that's why I want to improve my English,French and also want to make friend

hello ,
i am Yasemin , Imma from Turkey , i am le

tiinker , Turkey
33 years old

hello , i am Yasemin , Imma from Turkey , i am learning korean , if you help me to train it i would appreciate.

Hi im Yaz from Turkey and i want to have a Korean penpal so i created this account. Also i want to learn Korean language and Korean culture. On my profile photo im the girl who ia on the front. Also im an ARMY (BTS)

Hi, It's Ayşesu!You can call me Ays.
I'm from Turk

ays-ays , Turkey
13 years old

Hi, It's Ayşesu!You can call me Ays. I'm from Turkey, and my native language is Turkish. I wanna improve my English. I love anime, cats and foods! I wanna learn Japanese. I wanna live in Tokyo, And... that's all.