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penpals Hi everyone my name is Zeynep.I m from Turkey.I li

Hi everyone my name is Zeynep.I m from Turkey.I li

Hi everyone my name is Zeynep.I m from Turkey.I like to meet new cultures.When you want, you can send a message.Lets be friends :)

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Just looking to make friends.
Friends Language practice Postal pen pals
wish to meet up some sincerely friend that can share something different in life. Explore something new and challenge. that would be good if someone can teach me new language or sharing the travel experience or recipe of food

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Stargate Atlantis
Mako Mermaids
custody,cheaper by the dozen 1&2
Legally Blonde 1 &2
The Last Song

My Favorite musics :

Bob Dylan
rock grange jazz indy raggue
Ensiferum Wolfchant Equilibrium Existence Has Failed
The Pursuit of Happyness American beauty Into The wild Hector in the Search for Happiness Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
indie rock
Farmer Boys
The Smiths
Joy Division
Three Days Grace but will listen to pretty much anything. Also love classic Aussie bands like Cold Chisel/Barnsey, AC/DC, The Angels, Divinyls etc

My Hobbies And Interests :

I like watching movies, eating out, listening to live music, visiting museums, and most of all dancing.
Talking to friends
cycling and running sometimes

My Favorite Books:

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Haruki Murakami)
The Children Act - Ian McEwan
Throne of Glass ,A ​Court of Thorns and Roses -Sarah J. Maas

My Favorite Quotes:

  • Country: Turkey
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Korean Chinese
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Muslim

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Hello ;
I am 43 years old.I am a manager in a hot

ayilmaz , Turkey
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y121213y , Japan
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저는 일본에 사는 스물한살이용ㅎ
부산이 좋아서 다섯번 다녀왔고 내년부터 부

mo_om , Japan
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나는 00line 일본의 고교생입니다! 고양이를 좋아하고 독서를 자주합니다.

momoka22 , Japan
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My name is Tomoya, Japanese.
I am an anime

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I'm shohta and 24 years old. I'm a Japane

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nice to meet you.
my English is wrong but i want

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bigxxxxx , Japan
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I'm Omer and i am from Turkey.I want

omer99 , Turkey
19 years old

Hi!Everyone I'm Omer and i am from Turkey.I want to find good friends who I can talk long time.i am waiting for your messages.Have a good day:)

Hi My name is Yunus Emre. I live in turkey.I study in college. I want to learn Korean better. İnstagram= Yunus.emre4629

Hi! Everyone. My name is Fatih.I'm 27 years old.I'

fatihb , Turkey
28 years old

Hi! Everyone. My name is Fatih.I'm 27 years old.I'm from Turkey in İstanbul. My hobbies; listen to music,play video games,take a photo. I'm looking for new friends to improve my foreign language. Language: English,Russian.. We can talk with twitter,facebook,skype,kakao talk,line,whatsapp, i know a little English. Favorite TV series: Doctor Who,To

Hİ I am serdar. I am turkish an graduated from a military high school. my first foreign language is english and second is french. but I am not good at french as english. I am looking for a friend who with I can improve my skills.

Hi :) ım fulya ım from turkey I like new people meeting and I want to get to know different cultures ı like english and germany speaking I love to play guitar how to swim, and comedy films If you would love message Yeni! Alternatif çevirileri görmek ve düzenlemek için yukarıdaki kelimeleri tıklayın. Kapat

I'm Adige
I'm 19 years old
I'm student 
I l

prensag , Turkey
20 years old

Hello! I'm Adige I'm 19 years old I'm student I live in Turkey I want to meet new people I'm trying to learn English and you can help me

Hello! I'm Ferruh and I'm from Turkey but I live in Slovenia. My hobby is jogging, playing the basketball, football and I like traveling. I love different cultures and I want to meet new people.. Don't be shy! let's talk.. Have a nice day :)

Hi. I am Esma. I live in Turkey. I am 18 years old. I am studying prep school now so I want to improve my English and I want to get my friends from different countries.

Merhaba adim samet emre şahin 18 yasindayim ogrenciyim İngilizcemi geliştirmek istiyorum.İstanbul da yasiyorum.

Hi . my name is Tuğba . I'm a student . I am 17 ye

tuba_9 , Turkey
17 years old

Hi . my name is Tuğba . I'm a student . I am 17 years old . I live in Turkey .I want to learn Korean.. I am interested in folk dances. I like listening to music and play basketball and kick box .

Hello! My name is Ceyda. ı'm from Turkey. 12 y.o

ceydat , Turkey
13 years old

Hello! My name is Ceyda. ı'm from Turkey. 12 y.o :) Feel free to message me. It does not matter, where are you from what is your religion, what is your colour (yeah ıt does not matter you white, black or other.) I only want a good friend.

I am Turkish. I don't know english very much. I want speak fluently english and win new friends. I like nature and travel. If you want to meet me. Don't worry, you can write me.