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penpals Hi, I am looking for friends from Asia. 
I live i

Hi, I am looking for friends from Asia. I live i

Hi, I am looking for friends from Asia. I live in Poland. I would happy to meet someone with whom I could talk about culture, music ... about everything...

Penpal friendship Requests :

If you're from the US I'd be glad to talk with you. I need to practice my english, and I'd like to have an american english
I am interested in, and sometimes my thoughts in Notes. If you are interested in them, I am glad that you read them and comment on.
Everyone is welcome.

My Hobbies And Interests :

zumba , salsa dancing
Many kind of Sports

My Favorite Books:

Owl always hunts at night
The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Bane Chronicles,Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy ,The Dark Artifices -Cassandra Clare
Hermann Hesse - Demian

  • Country: Poland
  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Others
  • Job: Accounting
  • Religion: Catholic

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I'm interested in making candles

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Hi, my name is Wiktoria but I dont like my real na

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처음 뵙겠습니다
작은 아이가 있기 때문에 지금은 주부하고 있습니다.
한국어 공부 시작에

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Hello.My name is Runa.I'm a Japanese high

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-Pole -Born in 99 -Sport -Food -Travelling -Parties -Friends -Books I wanna make foreign friends and learn something about other cultures :)

~ My name is Alice. I have 16 years old. I am from Poland. I love watch films and writing letters. I like listen to music rap and kpop. i love japan sweets.I like read japan magazines. Sometimes i play games osu and imvu. Willingly get to know new people from Japan, Poland, Korea, France and British. ~

Hi! My name is Wiktoria. I am from Poland in Europe. I love animals. I would like to be a vet. My favourite colour is white. I like K-pop and J-pop. My favourite band is SuG. If you want make friends with me, mail me.

I want to meet you
It's great to make fri

zuzi125 , Poland
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Hello! I want to meet you It's great to make friends from other countries I like baking and cycling very much I listen to various types of music from acid jazz to rap I hope you will enjoy talking with me Tank you

Hi, my name is Ann. Im from Poland and now im leaving in Wrocław City. Im a student in highschool and begginer in film photography. I love listening to music especially sex Pistols, watching series or films. Im here because i want to meet people from diffrent Countries and learn something in culture. Im looking forward to your meesage (:

Hi! My name is Karolina,I'm 17-years -old girl from Poland. I'm keen on listening to different kinds of music:) I like drawing,watching films,reading books and writing, I love doing handmade things:) I know spanish, russian and english and a little chinese:p I got Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Also u can find me on Instagram. Don't be afraid to w

こんにちは! 私はミレーナです~ ポーランド人です。 Hi! My name is Milena and I come from Poland. I like music (especially BTS and Paramore) and snowboarding. I want to talk with people from other countries. I'd like to know more about different countries and cultures. I am waiting for people with great sense of humor haha I also wanna develop my English skill ~ so pleas

My name is Adrian 25 y.o., For now I live in Poland I work as webmaster. My hobby is writting a books and learning languages, I also work in culture every year with International Film Festivals, I learn korean, it became my passion and I have a plan to take a trip there in october and than to stay there for longer ;) It would be nice to know someb

Hello ^^ My name's Joanna, I'm from Poland and i'm

asia223 , Poland
25 years old

Hello ^^ My name's Joanna, I'm from Poland and i'm studying Russian philology. Recently, I really into culture of South Korea and Japan I created this profile because, I hope to make a lot of new friendships. I'm waiting for your mail.

Hi, I'm Amelia and I come from Poland. I'm 14. I'm learning Japanese because my dream is to fly there in the future and stay for a while. Now my Japanese is not on a good level but I'm learning fast. I love anime and manga!If you just want to write to me, I will be happy to meet you!

Hello, my name is Hannah but I am called Jei. I am

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Hello, my name is Hannah but I am called Jei. I am trying to learn Korean but they don't offer it at my school, so it's difficult to find a good way to learn. I joined this site in hopes to make some friends and maybe find someone to help me study.

Hi! 안녕!
My name is Marta, I'm Polish and was born

maryyta , Poland
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Hi! 안녕! My name is Marta, I'm Polish and was born in 1997. Unfortunately I can only speak English and Polish but I started to learn some Korean because I want to visit South Korea in a few years. I have a break in education now but I hope to begin studying microbiology from October. Don't be shy to message me, I want to make new friendships!