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penpals Hi, 안녕하세요, hola! My name is Constance, I’m 17. I’m

Hi, 안녕하세요, hola! My name is Constance, I’m 17. I’m

Hi, 안녕하세요, hola! My name is Constance, I’m 17. I’m a student in the scientific field but I like learning new languages. Here, I would like to learn korean, to improve my spanish and to have new friends from all the world! I also can help you to learn french! I like pets,music, dancing, traveling... I usually answer to messages; don’t worry! Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is justcn . I am 17 years old girl from France . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Spanish French lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) By the way I visited few countries and wanna crossing more and more countries on my map.
I'm interested in the US, Asian countries, France & the UK, but I don't really care where you're from :)
Let's help each other learn languages =)
i am simple and honest person. open hearted.

Penpal friendship Requests :

You always have to dig to find diamonds :))
Just looking to make friends.
I'm more than happy to teach you English, if you could teach me Japanese

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

2 Broke Girls
The Bachelor
H20 just add water
Dakotas summer
Bring it on

My Favorite musics :

you raise me up
salsa music
Death Core, Aliencore, Rock, JPOP, JROCK, EDM, Dubstep and KPOP
Glee | Dean Lewis | NF
Irish ans scottish folk Music of the 70s/80s Jazz

My Hobbies And Interests :

Talking to friends
I like challenging my brain so chess (read as best sport ever)

My Favorite Books:

To kill a mockingbird
The fault in our stars
Die Alchimistin (The Alchemist), Kai Meyer
Der Prozeß Franz Kaf

  • Country: France
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Spanish French
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Christian

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Hi ! ^_^ I am a young frensh guy and I love japan ! I hope we can talk about nipon here ;) I plan to learn japanese soon. I'm 24 I love manga, cook and food =D. I'm student and I wanna meet japanese people ! あなたの公正な知識に喜んで !

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Hi ! I'm french and my name is Katel. I'm 24 and I study History in La Sorbonne and chinese. I would like to make friends all over the world. But if you speak korean and chinese it will be great. Because i learn chinese and I would like to learn korean ^^ If you want to know more contact me :) Bye bye !

Hi! My name is Alexia and I'm 19 years old! I'm french and I live in France. I'm a language student, and I love meet people from several lands. I can speak english, french (of course) but also a bit of japanese, korean and chinese. I'm pretty interested in Japan and South Korean culture! I love drawing, listen to music, study language and s

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Salut tout le monde . Je cherche à faire de nouvelles connaissances et peut être ainsi voyager pour voir un peu plus la beauté de notre planète . Je cherche à prendre contact avec des gens issus du maghreb et d'Asie ainsi que de l'Europe du nord ^^

Hey ! I'm Océane and I'm french. My english isn't very good but I hope it's not a problem for you. I'm 14 years old. I live in France, aha. So, I'm crazy about music and I adore asia. I want to meet new friends in asia and I wish i can learn japanse, chinese and korean. If you interested, talk me! And "voilà" ! ^-^ Bye, Bye~

Hi there~ My name is Jake. Nice to meet you. I'm living in Paris in France. and I want to make friends especially French because I'm majoring in french cuisine. So I'm here and I am studying french. Give me message~~ If you want I can teach you Korean:-D Bonjour~Enchante! Je m'appelle Jake. je suis Coreen, J'habie a Paris en francais.

Hi ! I'm from Paris, France. I can speak French, E

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Hi ! I'm from Paris, France. I can speak French, English and I'm currently learning Korean in my university. I'd like to meet new friends and I'm interested in many different cultures so feel free to send me a message!:)

Hi My name is Marie.
I am a French student in bus

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Hi My name is Marie. I am a French student in business (major in Marketing) and I am currently in France for my last year in my business school. I did an internship in a Korean travel agency in Seoul for 3 months (2018 April) and I really enjoyed it ! I would like to learn Korean language to be able to hold a conversation. I would like to come ba