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penpals 안녕하세요.만나서 반갑습니다.
저는 영국에 사는 2002년생 15살 학생이에요!

안녕하세요.만나서 반갑습니다. 저는 영국에 사는 2002년생 15살 학생이에요! 저는

안녕하세요.만나서 반갑습니다. 저는 영국에 사는 2002년생 15살 학생이에요! 저는 한국에 대해 배우고 싶어요 가능하다면 영국어 가르쳐 드릴테니 한국어 가르쳐주세요~ 저는 카카오를 갖고 있습니다 Hello, I'm Jade and I'm from the UK I want to make lots of friends from other countries that I can talk to on a regular basis. I'm really open and friendly so don't hesitate to contact me!

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Hi my name is kingmida . I am 16 years old girl from United Kingdom . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Korean lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) I really like to travel and discover new country :)
I just want to learn languages and making good friendships :) I hope we can be good friends <3 .... -_^

Penpal friendship Requests :

You always have to dig to find diamonds :))
if you want to make friend with me don't be shy just leave massage.
I'm more than happy to teach you English, if you could teach me Japanese
I'm really keen on learning new languages, and would love to meet a language exchange partner who can help me out with my russian in exchange for either Arabic, French, or English.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Black Jesus
Finding carter
The Little Couple
Taken Back finding Haley
I like watching turkey dramas ????????

My Favorite musics :

The Who
Pvris | Dream On Dreamer | Oh Wonder | Andrew Belle | Paramore | Sleeping At Last | My Chemical Romance | Yiruma | Camila Cabello | BTS | Billy Idol | Yellowcard | REM | Hans Zimmer | Jacob Lee | NF
The Pursuit of Happyness American beauty Into The wild Hector in the Search for Happiness Eternal S

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Hello! I am Leonie. I am fluent in English lol and I am learning Japanese and Korean. I want to find great friends who are willing to talk very often :) I love kpop, khip-hop, jhip-hop, anime and kdramas. I use tumblr, whatsapp, line, kakaotalk, skype, snapchat, instagram etc (what i say below is not a complete translation of the english above, s

My name is Josiah. My Japanese name is よしや。 And actually, I'm Scottish . But i still live in America. I'm in love with japan. The culture, the food, the people! I'm a music artist and a mechanic. My favorite thing to do is race,or just drive. I'm learning Japanese right now. My favorite music artists are, Gothtrad, Kimiko Kasai, and Casiopea. I ha

Hi, I'm Holly. I'm looking to make friends from all over the world and to learn lots of languages. I'm interested in lots of things so you're free to talk to me about anything, I have lots of spare time as well so I should be able to respond. Send me a message if I sound interesting enough.

Hello everyone! I'm Sam, 26 and I'm currently learning Korean. I've been doing so for some time. Please message me on here if you want to learn English and would kindly teach me Korean in return. Hope to hear from ya'll soon! Have a good one!

Hi, My name is Kaiya and I'd love to learn about Korean and Japanese cultures and hope I can make a good friends out of this. It's okay if you don't know English, I know very little Korean and an even smaller amount of Japanese but I am learning and expanding my knowledge. Feel free to email,skype or facebook me or kakao, if you need help in you

Hi, I'm Darren from Northern Ireland, the British part. I'm a welder in an engineering firm. I like reading, the country, science and history. My taste in music is eclectic, not into much modern music though, not one for pop, rap, r'n'b, country and western or dance.

Hi I'm Natalie, I'm 14, I'm trying to learn Korean, I can speak a little bit, i want to make foreign friends, mail me if you want to be friends :)

I'm Lauren and living in the UK. I work in a shop. I enjoy listening to music - Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Deftones..and watching movies I like Studio Ghibli mainly but fantasy, comedy and drama. I love to shop, blog, internet, writing letters. I am very much interested in Japan I hope to visit there some day and like to travel more to Europe

Hi, I am 17 years old and from Wales. I speak English and quite a lot of French. But, I really want to learn more Languages, any language is fine! I also enjoy watching movies (my favourite being Lord of the Rings), and TV shows (Sherlock, Star Trek, Supernatural .etc.), listening to French music and Kpop, art (illustration and costume design) and

hi everyone my name is henry and i'm from england,i'm here to meet a good friend and let know more about each other.......i like travelling, football, cooking and excercise, I'm just enjoying life. I've learned to truly relax, appreciate the moment and just find the pleasure in what each day has to offer. I have a curious mind. I'm always interest

My name is Amy, I am 25 and live in East Yorkshire. I work full time as a supervisor in retail which keeps me busy! In what spare time I have, I like to watch old films and listen to old music. I love a black and white film! I can turn my hand to baking when I have a day off as well. Recently I've taken up walking and jogging to get myself in to

Hi all Im Tom living in Southern England.Aged 36.I like pretty much anything really, camping,hiking, my friends and my family. I love to travel when I am able. Norway was my favourite destination so far. I work in finance and my office is mostly guys! Are there any nice females out there looking for a good and genuine guy to email? I am seeking re