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penpals hello. my name is nastya and it would be REALLY gr
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hello. my name is nastya and it would be REALLY gr

hello. my name is nastya and it would be REALLY great if you'd decide to make a conversation with me :) feminist girl, love fanfiction, music and books, trying to translate some cute things into russian.

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is aprilsun . I am 16 years old girl from Russia . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Russian lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) It`s a pleasure for me to share my knowledge with others.
I am also really into volunteering and helping others is one of my big passions which i do from time to time.
Currently I am filling the holes in my existence with memes, junk food and cat videos If you want to help me you can send some meme or donate me a chicken burger Peace edit for vegans: no chicken was affected during the creation of this biogram
I like lots of banal things like movies and music, and discovering weird cultures and languages.
Honestly I don't like an empty talks especially with people who don't know what to say even:(

Penpal friendship Requests :

English native speakers are welcome.
please i don't want any rude people, if you respect you will be respected.
Seeking nice conversations in English, Estonian, Swedish or German.
I want to meet new people and get new friends too, so if you want to contact me , just do it :)

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Game of Thrones, Handmaid's Tale, Poldark, Vikings
Stranger things
Freaky Friday
john wick
The Big Bang Theory
Supernatural, American Horror Stor

  • Country: Russia
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Russian
  • Job: Arts
  • Religion: Others

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kumapan , Japan
21 years old

전 한국어를 공부하고있는 고등학생2학년입니다^^
저에게 한국어대화를 해주시면 정

satyuna , Japan
18 years old

Hello. I live in Seoul (seoul). I have never been to Japan, but I am often interested. Day

young_02 , Korea
24 years old

I am interested in cooking culture and customs in foreign countries. I am looking for friends who can communicate with each other.

kjh50024 , Korea
34 years old

Nice to meet you! I am a student who plans to study in Japan in July. There are still many things we do not know about the country of Japan

tsunami7 , Korea
24 years old

こんにちは ^_^ 
私の名前はファトマです. 私は18歳です。 私は数ヶ月後に大学の学生になります

vivivivi , Turkey
18 years old

I am Korean. I recently learned Chinese, so I want to make Chinese friends.
My home is in Seoul.

안녕하세요? 서울에서 학교다니

jus0306 , Korea
27 years old


piiiiiii , Japan
31 years old

Hello ~! ^^
nice to meet you! I am an 93 year college student living in Korea!
Interest in travel

yongmin9 , Korea
23 years old

Hello I am an 18 year old student going to Korean high school :)
I like piano and guitar,

shs1429 , Korea
18 years old

한국어를 공부 하고 있습니다!
한국 아이돌 과 한국 패션 을 좋아합니다!

mai1994 , Japan
22 years old

안녕하세요〜 !!!
韓国人の お友達がほしいと思っています韓国に

y0518 , Japan
21 years old

очень хочется нового общения) познакомиться с людьми из Кореи, научиться корейскому языку) сама я кореянка но из России))))

My name is Vlada.
I am 13 years old.
I am n

vlada05 , Russia
13 years old

Hi! My name is Vlada. I am 13 years old. I am not very good know English,but I want to find pen pals. I like the color purple. I have one pet.It is a cat Chili. I have many brothers and sisters.They are my cousins. For lunch I like to eat borshch and some cream. I like to play the computer games,read books and draw pictures. I like to pla

안녕하세요! 베로니카예요.한국어를 공부한지 1년정도 됐어요.한국어 하는사람들과 친구가 되고 싶어요! 그리고 일본어도 할수 있어요~ こんにちは! ヴェロニカといいます。 映画や音楽に興味があります。日本語と韓国語には興味が深いです!遠慮せずにメッセージを送ってください。

Hi everyone! My name is Polina and i'm living in Moscow. I'm interested in learning foreign languages and physics. Nice to meet you!~ 안녕하세요!~ 저는 러시아에 살고있는 16살 학생이에요. 많은 사람과 소통하고 이야기 하고싶어요! 영어와 러시아는 할수있고 한국어는 공부중이에요. 편하게 메일 보내주세요!

hi, I'm Sujin, 18.
I'm medical student.
I like k

sujin00 , Russia
18 years old

hi, I'm Sujin, 18. I'm medical student. I like korean culture and I learn korean language. I lived in Seoul 1 month at summer. so, I want to have some friends. but really good friends ahahah so, nice to meet ^^

Hi! I graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University and now I work as a translator. I speak russian, english and japanese. I'd like to make new friends, especially when it gives opportunity to check my english or improve my japanese, which is not good at all. Well.. I'm interested in any kind of culture such as literature, movies, art, games etc.

Heeey! An English teacher from Russia looking for Chinese people to exchange our Chinese-English abilities). I'll be happy if you write to me :)

Hello! I am friendly, sociable, humorous person. A little bit shy. I look forward to pleasant dialogue. Write to me, I'll be glad to talk

I live in Russia, but I really want to tra

nemoz , Russia
19 years old

Hello. I live in Russia, but I really want to travel the world. Now I'm studying Korean, but it's not so simple. Therefore, I will be grateful for your advice! I'd like to know about the cultural features of other countries) I will be glad to make friends, so write, do not be shy! There are in Kakaotalk.

Живу в Санкт-Петербурге, в следующем году буду пос

sasha_ , Russia
18 years old

Живу в Санкт-Петербурге, в следующем году буду поступать в университет) Неплохо разговариваю по английски и буду рада пообщаться с разными людьми))

Hey. My name is Valeria and 16 years old. I am Russian . I go in for sports and music. I am looking for a lot of friends in different countries.

I'm interested in Asian cultures Keen on drawing, sleeping and laughing I'm looking forward to talking via Skype and calls on KakaoTalk