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penpals i am retired.i have a handicap.i'm smart,kind and

i am retired.i have a handicap.i'm smart,kind and

i am retired.i have a handicap.i'm smart,kind and funny.i enjoy simple things

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is suds00 . I am 67 years old boy from United States . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) Someone who can chat would be good to know
I like to learning many others! But I don't have free time

Penpal friendship Requests :

I won't accept if you lie about your age, face, country and so all. Don't begin.
I´m not interested in dating/marriage.
I won't answer to Hi or Hi how are you?

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Dream Corp LLC
Pretty little liars
gilmore girls
Match of the Day
The Shawshank Redemption;

My Favorite musics :

rock and jazz
Simon & Garfunkel
Traditional and Modern musics
Death Core, Aliencore, Rock, JPOP, JROCK, EDM, Dubstep and KPOP

My Hobbies And Interests :

gaming. I recently began turning exercising into a habitual hobby
playing the guitar

My Favorite Books:

Discovery of Witches.
Joanne Rowling Harry Potter (all books)
Charlotte Brontë Villette, Jane Eyre

My Favorite Quotes:

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good. Helen Keller
Can I

  • Country: United States
  • Age: 67
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: English
  • Job: Others
  • Religion: Christian

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7살때부터 한국이 촣아서 자연럽게 한국어를 기억했어요! 
15살때부터 해외가 촣아서 해외여

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Hi I'm maira pleased to meet you I'm 26 currently love to drink coffee and I love my cat and I love fashion I would love to be friends with Japanese penpal or Chinese

My name is Victor. I'm a Japanese language student currently living and studying in Tokyo, and I'm always looking forwards to meeting new friends. I love travelling and learning languages. I like exchanging stories with others and make things a bit interesting. I'll be looking forward to your email :D

Hi Everyone my name is Javier I am 20 years old I am from the United States. I am currently learning Japanese and have been learning for about 4 years now. I am a University student studying Computer Engineering I would like to talk and meet people from all over the world I am very interested in many cultures so dont be shy and send me a message!

Hello, My name is John and I was educated in the US. I can teach you English and Chinese. My favorite are foods are Korean ( Kalbi, Japjae, Pajeon and Bimbap.) and Thai (Anything that is hot and spicy) I am interested in different cultures, life styles and languages so I would like to meet and write to some interesting, fun, honest people who I

hello, my name is Salma, i'm 17. My life can be resume to 4 main things : music, series, art and friends. And also i like travelling and discovering new places. I am an easy-going person and i love having fun. I'd like to make friends with people from all around the world, so if you are intrested let me know. Bye,

안녕하세요, 제 이름은 키얀세입니다! 저는 15살 (만으로). 저는 온 미국에서. 저는 한국어를 공부하고 싶습니다. 도와주세요! 감사합나다! 제가 그대와 좋은 친구 되고 싶습니다! 제가 한국문화를 그리고 한국어를 사랑합니다!

Hello my name is Craig. I am always terrible at these. Send me a message and say Hi if you don't mind. I like sci fi, politics,music, and I do enjoy reading very much.

Hello, Just an ordinary American girl with curiosity of diversity here to make new friends and exchange cultures and languages and of course new options in foods. I’m athletic but I as well love to eat love dancing and trying new music I as well adore sloths and kittens

I'm currently looking for a companion to build a life with a long-lasting relationship on a mental and emotional level it's best to be friends before we become lovers would you please write me # 684971 Post Office Box 788 Mansfield Ohio 44901

Hello! I'm Andrew and I'm someone who is looking to make friends who can teach me Japanese or Korean. I am a native English speaker, who was born in the United States. My hobbies include playing games, surfing the web, listening to Japanese and Korean music, buying collectibles, and drawing. I currently work a customer service job at an airport un

Hi. I really love Korean culture and would love to teach English and learn Korean and more about the culture. I am 14, student, and I love drawing, playing piano, violin, and guitar, and I like writing stories. I am quiet person and sometimes shy. I like color purple and I love bibimbap(I have been on Asian diet for 3 months...u

Hello! 안녕하세요! If you want to practice English, Spanish or French I'll be glad to help, so just ask me~ I'm looking to learn some Korean, but if you speak other languages that's okay, too^^ If you want to know more about me just send me a message!~~ Sorry, but I will not reply to people who don't have a profile pic.