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penpals Hello..i am from South Korea. I am living at Cheng

Hello..i am from South Korea. I am living at Cheng

Hello..i am from South Korea. I am living at Chengju city, local place of Korea. i just want to make foreign friends in this site..

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is uri4e . I am 39 years old boy from Korea . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Korean English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) I look after people who need my help.
I want to Improve my English first.
I want to travel as much as I can to different countries.

Penpal friendship Requests :

if you like to know about me message me
If you're from the US I'd be glad to talk with you. I need to practice my english, and I'd like to have an american english
I wanna learn speak English
Seeking nice conversations in English, Estonian, Swedish or German.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

The Lying Game
Walking dead

My Favorite musics :

my love Westlife all right
Death Core, Aliencore, Rock, JPOP, JROCK, EDM, Dubstep and KPOP
Glee | Dean Lewis | NF
lilhappy lilsad
Lana del Rey

My Hobbies And Interests :

The Beach
Mountain Climbing
I wanna learn speak English
Nature Geology Mineralogy Computer and house automation

My Favorite Books:

D. Simmons - Hyperion
T. Pratchett - Discworld
Adam Fawer - Improbable

My Favorite Quotes:

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Carol Burnett

  • Country: Korea
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: Korean English
  • Job: Others
  • Religion: Atheist

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Hello. I am a 25 year old man living in Suwon, Korea. The occupation is a teacher. My hobbies are photography, writing and reading. Xing

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저는 케이스케 라고 합니다! 
3월에 한국에 유학 가요!
서울 입니다 
그렇니까 친

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I like playing sports and watching movies.

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Hi. I’m yuya. Nice to meet you! ('ω') I want to ma

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95.96학년의 일본인입니다. 일본 살고 있는 학생입니다! 한국을

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Hi, my name is Patrycja and I'm 14 y.o. 
I from P

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저는 01학년의 일본 사람이에요.
BIGBANG가 좋아합니다!

no05no25 , Japan
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Hello! I'm girl student living in Korea.
I want to

kde99 , Korea
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한글 공부 중입니다.
함께 공부할 수 있으면 기쁩니다!

xxxx0525 , Japan
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일본나이로 25살 여자예요.한국어 공부중이에요.
여행 카페 쇼핑이 좋아해요

michimic , Japan
25 years old

Nice to meet you.
My name is Eunson, who lives in Seoul.
I'm studying Japanese but I'm lacking in ability

a16895 , Korea
34 years old

はじめまして。 私はソウルに住んでいるユインソンと申します。 日本語を勉強してますが実力が不足します。 それでも頑張って勉強しています。 一人で仕事をしながら勉強をしているために計画的に勉強することが難しいです。面白く勉強をしたいです。 友達も作りたい、友達といろんな話をしたら実力もよくなるようです。 韓国語ができなくても韓国語を勉強したい人、韓国について知りたい事あったら連絡ください。 私が頑張って勉強して返事をしようと思います。

Nice to meet you!
I have a line ID!
Stay close!

kcw3040 , Korea
25 years old

반가워요 해외 친구들 만들고 싶어요! 라인 아이디도 있어요 ! 친하게 지내요 ! 한국어 잘알려드릴수ㅡ있어요 저도 알려주세요 :D 같이 메일 주고 받아요~ 일본어는 아예 할줄 몰라요 그런데 배우고 싶어요 저번달에 일본 갔다왔는데 너무 좋았어요 일본어때문에 많이 불편햇어요 이번 기회에 배우고 싶어요 친해져요!

My cell phone changed and my friend disappeared (crying)
I'm interested in fashion and travel.
Japanese language study

bbbb1010 , Korea
23 years old

こんにちは! 携帯変わって友達無くなりました(泣) ファッション、旅行に関心が多いです。 日本語勉強するため、日本語で電話してくれる方!欲しいです。 辛いもの好きな人と一緒に ご飯食べたいです。 プロフィール写真ない方、返事しません! よろしくお願いします!

Hello. I am a 36 year old man of Showa 55 (1980) living in Seoul.
Originally from Japan

jtlove , Korea
36 years old

こんにちは。私はソウルに住んでいる昭和55年生(1980年生)の36才の男の人です。 元来には日本については野球や映画のぐらい関心がありました。(ダルビッシュ有、木村拓哉のファンです。) 日本の旅行を行って来た時には日本の人と食べ物や文化が好きになったし、次にも日本にしばしば訪ねる予定です。 近いのになぜその間旅行を行くつもりをできなかったか分かりませんね。 日本に行ったら意外に韓国の人の私に親切にしてくれるしすごく楽しかったです。 韓国の関心がある方は互いに連絡しながら友だちになりたいです。 旅行をするときに美味しい食べ物屋や隠された名所を紹介をお願いします。 Hello, I'm 36 years old (born in 1980) male who's livin

Nice to meet you!
I have been studying Japanese recently because I was addicted to Japan.
So good friends with you, to friends

jsh1250 , Korea
27 years old

はじめまして! 最近日本にはまってしまって日本語を勉強しています。 そこで皆さんとなかよく、お友達になりもっともっといろんな日本について教えてもらいたいです。 皆さん!ぜひ私とお友達になってください! 서울에 살고있습니다. 오랫동안 연락할 친구를 찾습니다!

Hello I'm eighteen-year-old girl. I like traveling

bunena , Korea
17 years old

Hello I'm eighteen-year-old girl. I like traveling other contries. I can speak chinese but not very well. I want to meet many people from other contries. I like singing and drawing but not very well. I look forward to your cooperation. 안녕하세요 전 18살 여자고 다른 나라들을 여행 하는 걸 좋아합니다. 전 중국어를 잘하진 못하지만, 기본적인 것은 가능합니다. 전 다른 나라 사람들을 많이 만나고 싶습니다. 전 노래하는 것과 그림 그리는

Hello I live in Korea
A 24 year old man.
I want to know more about Japan.
Studying Japanese

dudgns12 , Korea
23 years old

안녕하세요 저는 한국에살고있는 24살 남자입니다. 일본에대해 알고싶은것도 많고 일본어공부도 많이많이 하고싶습니다. 아직 일본을 가본적이없어서 많이 모릅니다. 좋은 친구 만나고싶어요 일본어는 공부하고있습니다 잘부탁드려요.^^


freetail , Korea
24 years old

こんにちは私は韓国にすごく詳しく深く知っている韓国人です(笑) 日本人の友達が気になる韓国のすべてのものを私は知ることができますよ! その代わりに、私にも、日本について教えてください 私は日本の言語、文化、音楽、食べ物、ゲームについて非常に多くの関心を持っています。 Kakao 、 Lineの両方のアカウントを使用しています

My name is dea-hee kim. I'm 30 years old a

wiser , Korea
32 years old

Hello! My name is dea-hee kim. I'm 30 years old and I live in seoul. I am a person that likes to always learn and enjoy the challenge. So I want to said dating a lot of friends around the world to learn their different cultures and lifestyles. Anyone who wants to know more about the culture and lifestyle of Korea, or want to learn about Korean lo

Nice to meet you.
 My name is Gonson Uk.
 I was born in 1993.
Many about Japanese culture

laimos , Korea
23 years old

はじめまして。 私 の名前はゴンソンウ クです。 93年生まれ です。 日本文化につ いて多くの関心があ ります。 翻訳機を 使って間違っている 場合があります。 そ れでもたくさんメー ルを送ってくださ い。 カトク、スカイ プのIDですよ^ ^ 카카오톡 아이디 있습니다 ~^^

Hello there. I am a Korean. I want to find a Chinese friend. I want to communicate with Chinese friends.
My Chinese is not very good. I live in Korea now. But I am this year.

cb488 , Korea
24 years old

你好。我是韩国人我想找一个中国朋友。我想跟中国朋友交流 我的汉语还不太好。我现在住在韩国。可是我今年8月份去天津。我打算去天津入学南开大学。反正我等着你们的联系^^

Konnichi and ~! Hello ^ ^ I am a 32-year-old Korean who lives in Korea
The name is Kim Tae-woo.

worldjap , Korea
31 years old

곤니찌와~! 안녕하세요^^ 저는 한국에사는 한국인 32살 직장인이며 이름은 김태우 입니다 일본어를 배우고 싶고 일본친구를 사귀고 싶 습니다 오랫동안 편하게 진솔한 대화를 통해서 서로 도움이 되는 친구가 되길바래요^^ 도죠요로시쿠 오네가이시마스!~^^