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penpals Hello, I am a young bright man looking for a pen p
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Hello, I am a young bright man looking for a pen p

Hello, I am a young bright man looking for a pen pal to help broaden my knowledge of the world. Australian English is my native language and hope that I could provide an insight to Australian culture and our way of life, as well as help anyone improve their English!

Penpal friendship Requests :

I don't tell my skype/phone number to people I don't know. Thank you for understanding.:-)
I'm searching for people who will chat with me more than one day..... I am open to chat about whatever
English native speakers are welcome.
I'm more than happy to teach you English, if you could teach me Japanese

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Full House
sons of anarchy
big mama
Friends, Mr. Robot Game of Thrones Vikings House of Cards
Catch me if you can;

My Favorite musics :

my love Westlife all right
rock grange jazz indy raggue
Death Core, Aliencore, Rock, JPOP, JROCK, EDM, Dubstep and KPOP
Bring Me The Horizon
Lord of the Rings

My Hobbies And Interests :

learning new things
reading books specially biography of famous people
laughing with those I care about, and cellos, mangoes, and the strange messiness of life.
late-night wanderings

My Favorite Quotes:

  • Country: Australia
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: English Chinese
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Atheist

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Hello ~
I want to have a friend who can communicate with Chinese by avoiding English.

exit208 , Korea
21 years old

일본의 도쿄에 살고 있어요
배우하고 연출가하고 하고 있어요
일본의 에서 가끔 나왔어요

souyadee , Japan
40 years old


misol1 , China
20 years old

+81 99년생 모모입니다 !
한국 너무 좋아해요~
카톡 인스타그램 하고 있어요
빅뱅 방탄

xoxxixo , Japan
17 years old

My name is gabbii and i am 16 years old, livin

brixelle , United Kingdom
16 years old

I am 29 years old (88 years old) in Korea and live in Sejong City.
There is a little bit of Korean or English

go2002hb , Korea
28 years old

Hi i'm korean! I want to make many friends! I like

yuri0887 , Korea
18 years old


kan1010 , Japan
34 years old


mana-rar , Japan
17 years old

外国の方と友達になりたいです!!99lineの学生です 音楽が大好きです よろしくお願いします!!

hello_a , Japan
17 years old

I am a 93-year-old man living in Busan.
I study French and Japanese together!
To Osaka in August

dmsgod15 , Korea
23 years old

저는 일본에 사는 95년생 여자에요! 한국을 넘 좋아해서 한국말을 열심히 공부하고있어요!

rrrr_95x , Japan
21 years old

Hello! I'm a first year Japanese student studying at Griffith University (Griffith 大学の学生、一年生です!) hoping to eventually go to Japan to study and eventually work. I have a lot of love for Japanese culture, food, Anime, Manga, the language and the countryside of Japan. I'm hoping to meet some friends to help me get a chance to improve my Japanese!! よろ

Hi there! My name is Hao and I'd like to learn and get better at speaking Japanese! :) My hobbies are reading, drawing and exploring cities Hope we can get along! はじめまして! 名前はHaoで、日本語を改善したいです。 趣味は本を読むことと絵を描くことと街を訪れることです。 よろしくお願いします!

Dancer 21 University Student Halfie My major is Japanese and Korean I would love to practice speaking different languages with you.

Hello, My name is Phillip I'm 32 year's old single Australian male from Wagga Wagga NSW. I am a caring and friendly person. Nice to meet you ^^ I enjoy travelling, 3d modelling, computer & internet, playing the drums, playing guitar, playing video games, taking photographs and recording videos of trains, listening to music mainly heavy metal

こんにちはRydiaです 18歳です♪(*´∀`) 韓国系オーストラリア人で、今は韓国に住んでいます 漫画とアニメを見るのが趣味で大大好きです(´؂∂`) 最近はハイキューにハマっています(*´∇`*) 日本人友達と仲良くなりたくてこのサイトに書きました(*´³`*) 気軽くメッセージください 日本語は勉強中です! よろしくお願いします( ˙˘˙ )♡* LINE Kakaoやってます٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و 안녕하세요! Rydia에요 18살이에요! 호주인이지만 한국사람이고... 한국에 살고 있어요! 만화랑 애니 좋아해요 음악 듣는거 좋아해요 일본 친구 사귀고 싶어요! 한국말로 많이 대화했으면 좋겠어요(우리에겐 일본어 번역봇도 있어요!) hello i'm Rydia

Hi I'd love to make foreign friends, I'm interested in K-Pop and would also love to learn about Korean culture. I like photography, fashion and a lot. People say I'm a funny and kind person a little bit sassy as well haha. I would love to be your friend :)If you want to contact with this user, please use 'Send E-mail' button.

Hello!, I'm looking for Japanese friends. I am 17 years old and i'm half Japanese, half Australian. I like Sports, Manga, Anime and Music! こんいちは。日本人の友達を探しています。僕は17歳高校3年生です。僕はオーストラリアと日本のハーフです。学校と自分の為に日本語を勉強したいです。スポーツとマンガとアニメと音楽が好きです。よろしくお願いします。

Hi my names Kane, I love learning new things, and I love the out doors. I'm here to hopefully meet some friends from japan, that can teach me some new things, including a bit of the language! I'm honest and very friendly, don't be shy come talk to me.

みなさん!こんにちは ☆彡 I am Danni ஜ Nice to meet you! I can speak some Japanese I love Japan ♡ I am really nice, and I love meeting new people ^_~ I have Facebook & LINE Let's be friends, ne ^ ^

I am a christian man that has a strong faith in Jesus Christ. I am looking for the same in a woman to take that walk with together! I am looking for someone that has strong family values. Is honest, kind, loving and affectionate. I want to spend the rest of my day's with my best friend who will love me and be loved unconditionally. Someone to shar

Hello, I'm Allen and I am from Australia I want to learn Japanese and maybe Korean so I would like to make some korean and japanese friends. If you want I can teach you English if needed. But I like making new friends anyway so please send me a message if you want to be friends. Tell me about the culture in your country as well! Love playi

Hey guys my name is Nicholas, I'm 15 years old and I just want to make friends with people all around the world. Feel free to message me:)