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penpals Hi ^.^ Merhaba :) 
My name is Merve. I'm from Turk

Hi ^.^ Merhaba :) My name is Merve. I'm from Turk

Hi ^.^ Merhaba :) My name is Merve. I'm from Turkey. I was born in 1999. I'm 17 years old. I'm a students. Highschool. I can speak English and Turkish, but I can't speak english very well. So I'm wrong. My hobbies listening to music, reading book and shopping with my sister :) I wonder different cultures. I waiting your message :)

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Hi my name is krmerve . I am 17 years old girl from Turkey . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Others lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) I really like to travel and discover new countries :)
I really like to travel and discover new country :)
I am also really into volunteering and helping others is one of my big passions which i do from time to time.
No matter where your from, you know you should

My Favorite musics :

rock and jazz
Glee | Dean Lewis | NF
ask me about Sylvia
The Rasmus
Joy Division
Three Days Grace but will listen to pretty much anything. Also love classic Aussie bands like Cold Chisel/Barnsey, AC/DC, The Angels, Divinyls etc

My Hobbies And Interests :

Writing poetry

My Favorite Books:

Diary of an Irish Slave Girl
technologie culinaire remember me

My Favorite Quotes:

  • Country: Turkey
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Others
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Muslim

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01. Hi I'm a third grader in junior high school. If you would like to make a penpal, please e-mail me. I'm not interested in idols,

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Hello ~ I live in Korea. I would like to meet someone who can be good friends with each other. One

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Hi! Im Japanese 日本人です
I want to talk many people

moimoi_ , Japan
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Hello. I am 96 Korean university students.
I like Japanese and I major in Japanese and Japanese literature at university.
Men and women

k_yuuko , Korea
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I live in Korea.
I use a line interpreter.
Starting penpal for the first time
I want to find a Japanese friend

ps4415 , Korea
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Hi (· ิ ω · ิ) I am a third-year high school student living in Korea.
I'm interested in Japan

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Hello I'm 17 years old. I live in Texas in the Uni

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Hello I am a student who is studying world cuisine in Korea.
I have never used pen pal, but foreigner

k6022132 , Korea
19 years old

Hello! 98 years, it is a South Korean high school students. My hobbies are classical music and piano music!

soras58 , Korea
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hight211 , Japan
30 years old

Hello, my name is 99 years born Korean. I really like Japanese culture. In Japanese, words are spoken using a translator

sunset99 , Korea
17 years old

Hi! Everyone! My name is Baris. I am from Turkey. I live in İzmir. I prefer to speak English. I am wonder in other cultures, I want to learn other cultures. I like travel, I like history, archeology other sciences. My hobbys football, music, art, sea and sand, people etc.I am interested football .I support Fenerbahçe. if you want to be my friend a

I'm Rumeysa and I m from the beautifu

rumeysa , Turkey
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Hellooo大家好! I'm Rumeysa and I m from the beautiful country Turkey! I like listening to music, drawing, skating and of course shopping! I have been to Spain, China, Russia and Azerbaijan. I can speak English and Chinese. I am looking for pen friends and I really like exchanging letters and gifts.. It dosent matter your country or nation^^ If u w

Hi. my name is Gamze . I live in Turkey.I'm 16 years old . I am a student . South Koreans want to be friends with ♡ I love south korea ♡ I love listening to music, ♡ ♡ ♡ ~Facebook - Twiter - Whatsapp - İnstagram - Kakao talk ~ ~You can reach it from social networks ~If you want to contact with this user, please use 'Send E-mail' button.

Hi,there! I'm Selinay. I'm a student of university. I want to improve my english. And also i'm learning korean and curious something about Korea and korean culture. I'm looking for real friend who talk to me.

My name is Yasin Özkaya.I'm 16 years old.I like play football,play basketball and play computer games.I'm from Turkey.I want to be a computer teacher.My hobbies are going to cinema,watching The Walking Dead,Vikings and The Flash.I like so much listen to music...

I am a erasmus student.I'm study at university in

emrahgs , Turkey
24 years old

I am a erasmus student.I'm study at university in Netherlands.If you wanna talk to me you talk only english , dont worry i wanna meet new culture my hobbises:basketball,discovery new places my favourite singer is adele , my favourite movie is the expendables

Hello . I am not good at talking about myself.If y

busseon , Turkey
21 years old

Hello . I am not good at talking about myself.If you want to know me just send me message and ask me what you want to learn ^~^ I'll send a reply as soon as possible :) I have a interested in snail mail I know my English isn't so good :) I'll do my best :D Instagram : busseonbt

Hi!I want to make a good friends and learn other c

zynp_1 , Turkey
18 years old

Hi!I want to make a good friends and learn other cultures also i want to learn other languages.i know little bit Korean but i want to learn more!Also i can help improve your English. I want a friend who contact me for a long time cause short time exchanges for a while is not for me. Feel free to mail me! *I'm going to live in Korea soon so wanna

Talkative-curly hair-chemical engineer.
Hi i'm Sec

katniss , Turkey
24 years old

Talkative-curly hair-chemical engineer. Hi i'm Secil I'm 24 years old. i want to make new friends from different countries and have long term friendships :) i love animals especialy dogs and owls! Music is very important for me.if i start to talk about music,its really difficult to stop me :) I like drawing,reading,watching movies-animes and play

My name is Cüneyt. I live in Turkey. I'm learning

cuneytr , Turkey
23 years old

My name is Cüneyt. I live in Turkey. I'm learning English slowly and I want to improve speaking skill and writing skill. So i'm here and we can talk about anything. Don't be afraid, just send message and let's talk :)

Hİ! I'm from Turkey. I'm 13 years old. I play guitar.I love k-pop and k-drama.I especially like EXO... Looking for a letter friend..

Hi everyone, I am FIRAT. I can speak english and turkish language. I like different culture, reading and see new place. I want to learn new things and Also I like watch anime( my favorite anime is Akame ga kill!)you can write me when you want. I hope we can be good friends :)