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penpals I enjoy socialising with people and living my life

I enjoy socialising with people and living my life

I enjoy socialising with people and living my life in the present. I want to learn more about Korean and Japanese culture so it would be really cool to message me about these things

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is shahana . I am 20 years old girl from United Kingdom . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Others lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) i like to learn from different culture and open to learn any languages
All I want is to meet new people and talk about everything:)
If I visited your profile without send a message,because I am a bit shy and passive,so I don't message first even I thought your profile is interesting,but I won't be shy in conversation with you.

Penpal friendship Requests :

if you want to make friend with me don't be shy just leave massage.
Please don't feel shy to message me. I am Easy to talk to.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

christmas bunny
The night before Halloween
Switched At Birth

My Favorite musics :

i wanna grow old with you
The Foo Fighters
Traditional and Modern musics
Eliza Grace | The Plot In You
indie rock

My Hobbies And Interests :

the environment

My Favorite Books:

too many to mention, but largely avoid fiction
I really enjoy books and movie,so if you do too,please share your favorite!

My Favorit

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안녕하세요~ 내 이름은티파니입니다 ☺저는 프랑스 사람 이에요 
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I'm glad to see you
I can speak Japanese a little
There are still many missing parts

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hey, my name's kira I’m trying to learn korean( i’m Really not that good yet) and I can try to help you learn English! :) I'd like to make some friends, and learn about different cultures so feel free to ask for my kakao, instagram, snapchat or WeChat!

Hi. I'm Angel and I'm looking to make some really cool friends Hopefully we can be really good friends maybe even best friends. Hola. Mi llamo Angel y estoy buscando hacer nuevos amigas. Espero que podamos ser muy buenos amigos tal vez incluso mejores amigos. 여보세요.내 이름 엔젤은 그리고 나는 새로운 친구가 되기 위해서 찾고 있다.앞으로 친하게 지냅시다.

Hii I'm Sophie from England and I'd love to have a penpal from Asia or anywhere to be honest haha ,I really want to talk and communicate with other people from around the world ! I can help you with English and anything you want to know about ^_^ (I also LOVE KPop, Kdramas and BL's so feel free to message me if you like those aswell )If you want t

Hi I'm Morgan :) I'm 16, I like kpop and anime. I am currently trying to learn Japanese so if someone could help me with it I would appreciate it haha. Feel free to message me- I have kakaotalk or SNOW if you want to talk :) message me if you love kpop !

Hi everyone, am just honest,caring and understanding,when my friends see me they notice me with my smile,so i can say am always a happy persona and i love being around with nice and wonderful people that are always happy and smile like me,,,so i wish i could meet a nice,honest caring and understanding person that smile like me always,

Hi, Im a 17 year old lad from England and I'm looking for a long term penpal who is hopefully from the US. I'm in full time work and my main hobbie is gaming, pretty typical for a teenage boy I know!

Hi my name is Craig and I feel it's about time I learn about different cultures and languages and in return help people learn English I find that alot of English teachings tend to use American style English which does not work so well when you come to England

Hi! nice to meet you I'm Caitlin from Wales. I want to make foreign friends on here. I can speak fluent English so I can help you if you are studying it ! I'm interested in learning many languages such as Swedish, Japanese and Spanish but I'm currently studying Korean. In my free time I watch anime, YouTube, listen to music and sometimes play v

안녕, 내 이름은 Louise. Im 26 years old from England, I'm looking to make some new friends and I'm interested in learning Korean. If you need help learning English too maybe we can help each other out. I'm into music and tv and I've always wanted to visit 대한민국... Please take care of me:) 지금 안녕히 계십시오 I have line if you ever want to chat on there.

In me the tiger sniffs the rose - by Siegfried Sassoon I am Chinese student studying final year master degree in London. I've learnt French in Uni for around three years (approximately Level B2). I'd love to make penpals with French or Chinese or English Writers. Interested in International Relations, Urban Economics, technologies (android devices

Hi, I am I'm looking for penpals in Japan. I have been fascinated by Japan and Japanese culture since I was very young. I want to visit Japan someday in the future and I would like to make friends so I have people I can meet with and show me around. I can help teach English, I am a very good teacher.If you want to contact with this user, please us

Hi! My name is Maddie, I'm a 13 year old from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I love reading, swimming and athletics. I'd love to meet someone from another country, and am very open to learning bits and pieces of their language! I've always wanted to have a penpal and think it would be a great experience! I'd like to talk to someone who knows English,