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penpals Hello! I am interested in learning about different

Hello! I am interested in learning about different

Hello! I am interested in learning about different cultures and languages. I love meeting new people and making friends ^^ ! I use Line, Kakao Talk, and Facebook.

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Hi my name is flumez . I am 17 years old girl from United States . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English Spanish Korean lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) I am studying English. I want to communicate with you in English or Japanese because I want to improve my English and know your thoughts and culture in your country. I can teach you my language. Please feel free to send me messages.
king for real friends from all over the world. And indeed wish to know about new traditions and culture, making some new friends from different country. Now I have wanderlust for Asia because I have never been there and it?s my pipe dream to visit this country one day. I?ve already have some compelling and fascinated plan for summer time, so if you are with the same plans get in touch and likely we could arrange the trip together.
I'm apparently here to get to know new people from different cultures, learn new languages, and have fun! I'm not going into details about who I am because I'm terrible at describing myself! Lol! After all, you can private message to get to know me better! And one more think I want to point out is, girls who think that every guy texting them is just another hooker, or whatever! I know most boys suck, but I don't fit into this category, you can figure this out yourself. Anyways, with

  • Country: United States
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: English Spanish Korean
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Atheist

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I am here to make friends and share our cul

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안녕하세요 저는 1993 년생 일본인입니다. 

kabigon_ , Japan
23 years old

Hi, I`m fuminori.
I`m college student and live in

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my name is Anna
live in Russia

izumi_an , Russia
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저는 99년생입니다
한국의 패션 노래 음식을 좋아합니다

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Hi,I'm from Taiwan. I'm 16, now studying in high s

h2453872 , Taiwan
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나, 일본에 살고 있습니다
대한민국, 관심이 있습니다
한국어를 기억 하 고 있습니다

prius30 , Japan
20 years old


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22살 일뵨인 한국어 공부중입니다^^

yuu16 , Japan
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I would like to introduce myself. My name Ilham Ra

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20 years old

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Haii. I’m a guy, I look very feminine but I can assure you I’m a guy. I’m not good at these sorta things. I really wanna learn Korean but I’m very bad at actually sticking to it and practicing it but like I’d like to make some Korean friends. I wouldn’t mind helping someone learn English if they dont speak it too well. I don’t really mind. I just

Hello my name is shasta. Im 18 years old and live in alaska. I love going hiking, camping, shooting, pottery and playing video games. I love baking and cooking i want to learn korean and german

はじめまして! わたしはステファニーです。でも、ステフとよんでください。 Nice to meet you! My name is Stephany. I would say I'm a shy person at first but I can be a great friend after I get to know someone. I work in IT Services as a Knowledge Manager but I also work freelance projects in my free time. I love to draw, paint, and crochet. I also like playing video games, listening

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle. I live in Japan now, but I want to live in many different countries in the future too. I speak both English and Japanese, but my Japanese is a little broken. Let's have fun and become friends! はじめまして!私はカイルと申します。今は日本に住んでいるけど将来に色々な国に住んでみたいです。日本語と英語が話せるけど、日本語がちょっとボロボロだから許して下さい。友達になりましょう!

Hello, An American living, exploring and experiencing Asia. Now in Korea working part-time as a contractor to U.S. Army in Yongsan, English as I feel. Enjoying meeting others to share experiences & events. Meetings over coffee, meals or wine to discuss and learn more about the world, opinions and other issues. Extremely liberal,casual not cons

Hello ! Nice to meet you ^^ My name is Stephanie and I am from Texas! Hobbies: Photography, drawing, movies, outdoors, music Music: Rock, Pop (Anything that I am in the mood for^^) I really hope we can become friends ^^ I mostly love to learn from different cultures, share experiences and such ~

hi, i'm ghul! i like movies (esp. thrillers) and good books (neil gaiman, haruki murakami) but i'm really interested in gothic literature and Romantic works. I like a lot of music, but (korean) rnb, alternative, and pop are my favorite genres. i'm also a poet, and i love reading poetry too. i'd love to talk to people from all over the world, so yo

Hello, my name is Madison, I'm 16 years old, and I live in the United States. I only speak English, but I'd love to learn Korean or Japanese at some point in the future. I love to read books, watch anime, play the viola, and meet new people. :) I look forward to talking with you soon!

Hello my name is Dylielah i'm 27 years old.I work as a computer programmer. But I am also an aspiring writer.I enjoy reading and drawing.I would like to meet new people who can inspire me in my true passion in writing.Thank You for reading my profile and have a great day

Hey, I'm from the US and I wanna make many global friends here. Don't hesitate to contact me and let's be friends! Doesn't matter where your from interested in all countries and languages. Don't worry about the language barrier! I'm going to do my best.

おはよう! 韓国系のアメリカ人です。 1年間日本語の勉強をしていました。 昨年日本の大阪、京都、ふくおかへ行きました。 今年は東京にいきました。 日本の音楽とドラマが好きです。 日本語まだ苦手なのでもっとべんきょうしたいからMailおねがいします! KakaoもLineもあります! プロフイールがない人には答えしません 미국에서 온 미국계 한국인입니다. 일본어 공부를 더 하고싶어서 펜팔친구를 만들고싶습니다~ 메일 기다리겠습니다! ^^

Hi im born in Korea and raised in America. I can speak english, korean, and little bit of Japanese. I learned Japanese for my second language in high school and trying to learn more. I love to travel around the world and get to know the people from different cultures. If you would like to be share your ideas with me, please do not hesitate to mai