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penpals Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm ROK Army officer.
I have
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Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm ROK Army officer. I have

Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm ROK Army officer. I have a lot of interested about Russia. I'm want to make foreign friends. I also want to have a good relationship, especially want to good relationship with to Russian peoples. Please, reply for me.

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is rokaxk2 . I am 26 years old boy from Korea . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Korean Russian English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) one of my favorite hobbies is Astrology, so I would love to expand and share my knowledge on this topic.
If you want to talk to me, please don't hesitate and go on ^^

Penpal friendship Requests :

I'm more than happy to teach you English, if you could teach me Japanese
be friendly
Please don't feel shy to message me. I am Easy to talk to.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

The Hunger games , a walk to remember
The Harry Potter series
Good Witch
The Proposal
The Shawshank Redemption;

My Favorite musics :

Classical music
Bob Dylan
Bathory Alcest Burzum XXXtentacion Amon Amarth Månegarm lil peep

My Hobbies And Interests :

I do enjoy rock hairbands and 80's music...... I know I am dating myself a bit here!
current affairs

My Favorite Books:

Owl always hunts at night
Stephen King's books
too many to mention, but largely avoid fiction

My Favorite Quotes:

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R. Swindoll
Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds he

  • Country: Korea
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: Korean Russian English
  • Job: Military
  • Religion: Christian

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Hi, I'm Shan. 
I wish to have a penpal whom I can

shan90 , Malaysia
26 years old

Hello There are many Koreans who are interested in Japan
I will go to Osaka and Kyoto soon. I was friendly.

tjd4318 , Korea
22 years old

Hi my name is Brian(English name) and my korea nam

ty0423 , Korea
15 years old


exlala , Japan
26 years old

Hello thanks for visiting my profile☺️ My name s V

piewaldo , Cameroon
28 years old


mami91 , Japan
26 years old

I want to make friends from various countries ㅋ ㅋ

okk813 , Korea
22 years old

Hello! Am a student attending college in South Korea! Hongik I go to a large school Japan visited a total of three times, twice Fukuoka

choi1229 , Korea
26 years old

I do not know how to speak Japanese, so I need to translate and speak a little English.
こ ん に ち は

chlrk321 , Korea
25 years old

Nice to meet you. :)
My name is John. I was born in 1990.
I live in Osaka now.
I'm still coming to Japan

jon1307 , Korea
26 years old

내 이름은 마사오입니다!
21살 대학생입니다.
나는 K-POP을좋아합니다!

masao117 , Japan
23 years old

Hola quisiera tener muchos amigos :) soy salvadore

fabii , El Salvador
18 years old

Hello I am a curious young man in the culture of other countries
They communicate with each other about their own culture and hobbies
To share

pace0806 , Korea
25 years old

안녕하세요 타국문화에 호기심많은 청년입니다 서로서로 자국문화에대해 소통도하고 취미도 공유하는 그런사이가 되었으면좋겠습니다 관심있는분야는 패션입니다 많은 메일 주세요! 92라인 환영!오래오래 소통하는 친구가되면 좋겠습니다! こんにちは、他国文化に好奇心の旺盛な青年です お互いに自国文化について疎通もして趣味も 共有するそんな仲になったらと思います 関心のある分野はファッションです。たくさんメールください! 92ライン歓迎!いつまでも疎通する友達になったら いいです!

Hi I'm Gu and I live in Korea.
At 23 years old, he is a company employee. Many interest please

ther3018 , Korea
23 years old

こんにちは私は韓国に住んでいる区ゴンフとします。 23歳で、職業は会社員です。多くの関心お願い致します。 日本語が下手です。しかし、お互いに楽しい会話することができると信じています。 メールお待ちしてます。 カカオトークを使用しています。 Hi I live in South Korea is 23 years old. Occupation is a worker. To those who are interested in other countries. We look forward to mail. He wishes to let a lot of interesting stories. KakaoTalk is used. 안녕하세요! 전 한국에 살고있는 23살 직장

Nice to meet you I am a Korean who will go to work in Tokyo soon. (From March)
Luckily I got a job at a Japanese company

hotte56 , Korea
26 years old

初めまして私はもうすぐ東京で会社を通う予定の韓国人です。 (3月から) 運良く日本の会社に就職しましたが、まだ、日本について知らないことが多くてペンパルを通じて友達を会いながら日本について学びたいです。日本語はまだまだですTT~。性別、年齢は関係ありません。 Hi. I am Rodney Jeong. I am going to move to Tokyo as I got hired by a company in Japan. I just want to make friends in Japan because I am a total stranger there. I have strong passion about many fields like economy, la

I am a university student living in Korea.
I study Japanese and English.
I'm so sick of Japanese.

ansgur17 , Korea
23 years old

한국에 사는 대학생입니다. 일본어와 영어 공부하고 있습니다.ㅎ 일본어가 너무 서투네요ㅋ 조금있으면 일본으로 가서 여행할건데 일본에 관한 정보좀 얻으면 좋을거 같습니다 ㅎ 즐거운 하루 보내시고 남녀 상관없이 일본 분이랑 친하게 지내고 싶네요 소통이 됬으면 좋겠네요 카카오톡됩니다ㅎ 韓国に住む大学生です。 日本語と英語勉強しています。 少しあれば日本に行って旅行するのに 日本に関する情報を得ばいいと思います 年は24歳で大学生です 楽しい一日をお過ごしください。 kakao Talk good 疎通がなって欲しいです

Hi, im a university student in Seoul, now seeking

wlsrjs20 , Korea
25 years old

Hi, im a university student in Seoul, now seeking for a job. English level is intermediate. maybe similar to that of a high school student in english-native speaking countries, i guess. About French, I had studied it for reading historic materials so i'm poor at On the contrary, not that poor at Japanese but still don't know how to write them. Som

Hi ! 
Nice to meet you. I studied in Brighton of U

stealer , Korea
24 years old

Hi ! Nice to meet you. I studied in Brighton of UK. But after my military service, I couldn't speak Eng... and I think my English is worse and worse. And I'm not good at grammar. when I have conversation with my foreign friends, we can understand almost perfectly. but grammar is bad. So, I want use English and improve my grammar with you buddy :


jyeonjoo , Korea
22 years old


Hi~ i'm Korean college student. i don't have Engli

shin932 , Korea
23 years old

Hi~ i'm Korean college student. i don't have English name yet My Korean name is Shin sung yong but you can call me just 'sung' I used to play drum which is my favorite instrument. So i like to listening to music especially Rock. And also i like to play game, watching drama like game of throne,office,etc i got some reason i'm taking years off now

Hello! I'm a geek
Now in Korea
I'm interested in Japanese food and alcohol, so every year

limeeeee , Korea
31 years old

こんにちは!タクです 今韓国にあります 日本の食べ物とかお酒に関心かおおいです だから 毎年1ー2回日本に旅行を行きますね 特に北海道と京都か印象に残っています 日本語はまだたりないけとも韓国語先生たったから、たぶん役立つと思います どうぞよろしくお願いします!

hello! はじめまして!
94年生,hyein you^^
I'm from south of

hyein_u , Korea
22 years old

hello! はじめまして! 94年生,hyein you^^ I'm from south of korea. 日本語は初心者です。 習っているところです。翻訳機ちょっと使えます。 一度日本に旅行行ったことあります。 日本の魅力に嵌ってしまいました。 I love drama、movie, J-POP, music. その中で 嵐が一番好きです。I love arashi♥ I also love cooking and traveling.^^ 親しくなりたい方、韓国に関心のある方はメッセージください! たくさん親しくなったら会って遊びたいです。 I want to be your friend~ kakaotalk, line,'s okay. I'm stu

I am Korean
I came back to Korea as a working holiday in Tokyo
I want to go to study abroad next year

kjd8130 , Korea
23 years old

こんにちは 私は韓国人です 東京で、ワーキングホリデーして韓国に帰って来ました 来年に留学行きたくて日本語勉強しながらお金稼いでいます 仲良く、お互い会話を手伝ってくれるといいですね 趣味は野球を好きです アイドルは興味ないです よろしくお願いします~~~ 안녕하세요 저는 한국사람이에요 도쿄에서 워킹홀리데이 하고 한국에 돌아왔습니다 내년에 유학 가려고 일본어 공부하면서 돈 벌고 있어요 친해지면 서로 회화 도와줄 수 있으면 좋겠네요 취미는 야구를 좋아합니다 아이돌은 관심없어요 잘부탁해요~~~

I am a 17 year old student who likes music and piano and likes science.
New Chin on this site

zcbm6624 , Korea
16 years old

저는 음악과 피아노를 좋아하고 과학을 좋아하는 17살 학생입니다. 이 사이트에서 새로운 친구를 사귀고 싶습니다. I am a 17-year-old student who loved music and piano and likes science. I would like to make new friends on this site. 私は音楽とピアノが好きで、科学が好きな17歳の学生です。 このサイトでは、新しい友達と付き合いたい。