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penpals Hello there my name is Molly, I'm 17 years old fro

Hello there my name is Molly, I'm 17 years old fro

Hello there my name is Molly, I'm 17 years old from Scotland its a country in the UK, I'm a college student studying hairdressing. My hobbies are watching Asian dramas, listening to music, walking my dogs, going on long walks and traveling My dream job in the future is to work with children like a day carer or something like that. The country's I would love to visit in the futrure is Korea, Japan, Taiwan, America, France, Italy and Thailand.

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is mthom101 . I am 18 years old girl from United Kingdom . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) if you're also scared of writing to people but would somehow like to talk to me, I want to let you know that I generally try to be a friendly and decent human, and I hope that you're braver than I am ;)
I look after people who need my help.
i like to learn from different culture and open to learn any languages
I signed up here mainly to exercise my italian a little. However, will be glad to correspond with anyone who likes.

Penpal friendship Requests :

Generally I won't bother you first if you're not eager to study Russian)) And because when I write first, I surprisingly choose really crazy ones, haha)
if you can offer me some music, that's really nice)
Who would like to learn my language and who wants to teach me English - welcome)
English native speakers are welcome.

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

Orange is new black
South Park
law and order svu
Pretty little liars
Army Wives

My Favorite musics :

i lay my love , beautiful in white
you raise me up
Bob Dylan

My Hobbies And Interests :

I like goo

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Hello I'm Hinako from Japan.
I'm studying pharmacy

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I’m a very typical Japanese. Short, having glasses

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Hello~ My name is Jae Hee. I live in south korea.

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Hello I'm from North Korea.I am interested in lang

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Hello^_^ This is Sherry!
I am a Chinese girl, live

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안녕하세요 ~ ^^ 저는 94년생 일본인이에요
오사카에서 대학을 다니고 있어요
지금 한국어

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Hi, I am a 20-year-old girl who is interested in Japan :). I am interested in Japanese culture and singers. Japanese animation is good

jjjpk6 , Korea
20 years old

Hello! ^^
I want to be a friend for a long time ^ ^
I really like Japan.
Japanese is wrong ..

wlgud159 , Korea
22 years old

안녕하세요. 유미라고합니다. 94년생 대학생이에요. 
한국 음식과 음악을 좋아해서 한국어를

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Hello :) I’m Emily from the UK. I like meeting new people, but I’m also interested in finding out more about different cultures and countries. As well as find a true friendship. I work as ‘Front of house’ for a Museum and meet different people everyday from all over the world. But I sadly never get the chance to sit and talk to people who visit.

Looking to make friends! :) I like Japan, wish to visit sometime. I like Japanese women. :) I make video's and breathe fire, let's talk more! :)

Newcastle United FC Clothes Trainers Revolution! Oasis, Stone Roses, Elvis, Stones, Beatles Like to play guitar and skate

안녕하세요~ 제 이름은 베카예요 ^^ 한국어를 배우고 싶어서, 한국인 친구를 만나고 싶어요! (아직도 한국어를 잘 못 해서, 죄송해요 ㅠㅠ') . . 제가 가수가 되고 싶어요! 한국노래를 부르는 것을 너무 좋아해요. 솔직히... 제가 영국사람이지만, 영국 보다 한국에서 가수가 되고 싶어요. 유튜브에서 'BeccaChii' 검색하면, 제 노래커버 채널을 찾을 수 있어요! . . 한국의 가요와 드라마를 좋아해요. 방탄소년단과 보아의 음악을 좋아하고, 태양의 후예는, 화랑, W, 달의 연인을 보기를 재미있었어요. 좋은 드라마 추천해주세요 :) . . 요즘 프로듀스48을 봐

UPDATE - I am currently learning Japanese at University and would appreciate any help with learning the language. Even if it's just a word i would be more than grateful, thank you. Hello, I'm a 19-year-old student from England. I'd really like to learn new languages and make friends. Especially if you're from Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, as I'

안녕하세요! 내 이름은 소피입니당. I stopped learned Korean for a while but now I want to get back into learning. Let's talk and be friends. I don't mind who you are. Ask for Kakao if you prefer to talk there!

I am someone who is interested in Japan and it's culture.I am currently self studying Japanese however I don't think I am doing as well so can someone help me please? Interests; Manga Anime Drawing Writing K-Pop - I have many favourites including EXO, BTS, Cross Gene and others.

Helloo XD I'm Ella, looking for global friends around the world! Love photography, music, drawing, animals (I have a cat and 3 gerbils) and I love cooking! I would love to learn Spanish, Japanese or whatever language you speak because I want to speak many languages! + I REALLY want to travel when I'm older (especially Japan) and other amazing pla

안녕하세요 저는 영국에 온 미켈라라고 해요. 스물둘 살이고 한국에서 10월 동안 살았어요. 서울에서 살때 고대 학생이었어요. 2월에 저는 한국으로 돌아갈 것이에요.제 취미는 영화, 음악, 쇼핑, 등산, 여행, 요리, 야구 (두산 베어스~ ) , 노래방, 외국어공부와 snail mail Hey I`m Michaela, I`m 22 and from the UK. I will soon return to Korea to become an english teacher. My hobbies and interests include: Veganism, Nature, Travelling, hiking, learning langua

안녕하세요 ^^ 저는 자스민 입니다 내 새 아버지가 한국사람 구리고, 내 한국 이름 서 현아 카카오톡 내가 했습니다 I'm jasmin/현아 ^^ 93 Media graduate 9034k dancer Eurasian 방송 나왔어 SBS- 김 현아 free month 1호 i was in the first episode 2015 KBS Grand K-pop Festival- i performed with MB Crew I love korea's culture. I visit there every summer ^^ I like basketball I love 개그컨스트ㅋ 나 는 케이팝 커버

안녕하세요! 저는 유리입니다 :) Hello! My name is Keira but my Korean name is Yuri. I am 14 years old and from the UK. I would love to be friends and we can talk anytime even with time difference :) I like Korean culture including KPop, Korean Beauty and Korean fashion. I also like Singing,Dancing,Acting and I love food! Please message me, I will be happy

Hi, My name is Darcey, I am from England. I want to make new friends from other countries and learn some new languages! I am mostly interested in Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan but I am open to other cultures too. I would love to speak to you, I have a skype, instagram and line if you would like to talk to me that way. I am also open