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penpals Hi!
I want to make many foreign friends!
If intere

Hi! I want to make many foreign friends! If intere

sted in me, please give me an email!I can speak Korean and a little English.I

More About This Penpal :

Hi my name is dusdn5 . I am 18 years old girl from Korea . I like to talk to new penpals and have penpal friends. if you are looking for a penpal friend in or you know my languages Korean English lets talk and be good penpals. i like to have penpals from all parts of the world :) I would like to improve my English! Also, I dream to learn Italian. Can help with my language.
Currently I am filling the holes in my existence with memes, junk food and cat videos If you want to help me you can send some meme or donate me a chicken burger Peace edit for vegans: no chicken was affected during the creation of this biogram
I like reading,traveling,photography,hanging out with friends,meeting new people,listening to music and so on .

Penpal friendship Requests :

This is my first time use this site , try teach speak english ????
I wanna learn speak English
I hate funky and liar people. I do not care about the color of your hair. or the religion of the language or the race is not to be admired. Just be human. but really people
Who can help me to improve my English?

My Favorite Movies/Serials/TV Shows :

The Hunger games , a walk to remember
Killer Mom
Dolphin Tale 1 &2
Vikings,Mr.robot,shameless,game of thrones,skam

My Favorite musics :

rock grange jazz indy raggue
Pvris | Dream On Dreamer | Oh Wonder | Andrew Belle
Pvris | Dream On Dreame

  • Country: Korea
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages: Korean English
  • Job: Student
  • Religion: Atheist

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parkwc09 , Korea
22 years old

Hey y'all :} 
My name is Ari & I'm 20 years ol

ari96 , Austria
20 years old

한국어를 독학으로 공부하고 있습니다.
kpop을 좋아합니다 
공부를 도와주

key1995 , Japan
21 years old

안녕하세요 98년생 일본인입니다~ 음악,힙합,패션,댄스를 좋아합니다. 저는 오사카에 살고있

yhrie522 , Japan
18 years old

빠른97년생의 일본인입니다
한국의 패션이나 메이크업을 좋아해요!
지금은 번역기를사용해

bts9136 , Japan
19 years old

suhan928 , Korea
29 years old

저는21살 일본인예요
지금까지10번갔었어요 하

mr-1048 , Japan
21 years old

Hello everyone,
I'm Scott, I'm from the UK and I'm

bigrush , United Kingdom
29 years old

My name is Heather and I'm 15 years old.

kinikat , United States
15 years old

jiodg , Korea
19 years old

I am Korean.
I am a high school student.

aa2160 , Korea
18 years old

Hi i'm korean and 21years old. I want to make fore

esparea , Korea
21 years old

Hi. I am a 22 - year - old student attending a nursing department in Korea.
I am studying Japanese,

nursera , Korea
21 years old

안녕하세요. 저는 한국의 간호학과에 다니고있는 22살 학생입니다. 일본어 공부를 하고있고, 곧 도쿄에 놀러갈 예정입니다. 일본에 가기전에 좋은 친구를 사귀고싶습니다. :) 한국에 관심이있는 분이라면 더욱 환영합니다 :) 서로의 문화를 배울 수 있는 좋은기회가 됐으면 좋겠습니다! こんにちは。 私は韓国の看護学科に通っている22歳の学生です。 日本語の勉強をしていて、すぐに東京に行く予定です。 日本に行く前に、良い友達と付き合いたい。 :) 韓国に関心がある方ならもっと歓迎します:) お互いの文化を学ぶ良い機会になったらと思います!

hi everyone.
I want to make some foreign friends.

katze99 , Korea
41 years old

hi everyone. I want to make some foreign friends. I like listening to music, travelling abroad and cats. If you want be a friend of mine e-mail me. I can speak Korean and English.

Hi, guys! I want to be a good friend with you:) I

deokbin , Korea
17 years old

Hi, guys! I want to be a good friend with you:) I can use English a little bit and Korean. Although I am not good at speaking English, but I can help you learn Korean. Please Email me:) I like listening to K-pop especially boy group(seventeen, BTS..etc), and reading some mystery novels. Also, I like to watch a horror movie, so I saw all the Conjur

Hello, I want to learn Japanese.
I am a Korean student who is interested in Japan.
Japan together

kaseka , Korea
27 years old

안녕하세요ㅎㅎ일본어도 배우고싶고 일본에 관심이 많은 한국 학생입니다. 서로 같이 일본어 한국어 배우고 친하게 지내고 싶어요ㅎㅎ일본에대해서무지 좋게 생각하는 학생입니다~~^^ ㅜㅜ 진짜 일본친구 진실되게 사귀고 싶은데 아무도 쪽지를 안주네ㅜㅜ 일본인친구 사귀고싶어요!부담없이 연락주세요!!

(Before you read, Please understand about grammar)

chs0414 , Korea
13 years old

(Before you read, Please understand about grammar) Um.. Nice to meet you. I am a 14 years-old boy who live at Korea. The reason of wtiting this is of my sociability. I had a bestfriend at same school but He leaved me.. And Thesedays I feel sad after move. I feel lonely because I have no friends. So I want to give up the study and lot of things..

Nice to meet you.
I studied Japanese for about four years.
I think that I am still immature, and I recently started writing, etc.

zozo3980 , Korea
23 years old

はじめまして。 日本語は約4年ほど習いました。 まだまだ未熟だと思い、最近作文とかを始めたのですが、なかなか伸びなくてかなりつらい状態です。 それで、日本人との交流や互いの言語知識を交換する場が欲しく、この度ペンパルを探すことになりました。 互いの文化や好き嫌いなどを話し合うのも勿論良いことですが、言語的な質問や分の添削が出来る方を優先的に募集したいです。 韓国語の質問が多い方も歓迎します。互いのことも、互いの言語についても分かり合える出会いがあればと思います。 何卒宜しくお願いします。 처음뵙겠습니다 일본어는 약 4년 정도 배웠습니다. 아직 미숙한 점이 많아, 최근 일본어 작문을 시작하게 되었지만, 생각보다 실력이 늘지 않아 씁쓸합니다. 하여, 일본인과의 교류나 서로

Hi, my name is hyun ho park.
I live in South Korea

dktgka23 , Korea
25 years old

Hi, my name is hyun ho park. I live in South Korea. and university student in physical education. I am very interested in foreign countries. I can't English well, continues to study it. Please understand^^ I have kakao^^

Hi. I am a 23 - year - old university student in Korea.
I am for exchange students

ap99121 , Korea
24 years old

안녕하세요. 저는 23살 한국에서 대학교를 다니고 있는 학생입니다. 저는 교환학생을 위해 일어를 공부하고 있습니다. 취미는 일본 드라마 시청이고 관심사는 축구, 야구 등 스포츠 입니다. 좋아하는 것은 독서입니다. 펜팔 친구를 찾는 목적은 일본 교환학생 가기 전에 미리 일본 친구들과 친하게 지내고 싶기 때문입니다. こんにちは 私は23歳の韓国で大学を通っている学生です。 私は交換学生のため日本語を勉強しています。 趣味は日本ドラマ視聴で関心事はサッカー、野球などスポーツです。 好きなものは読書です。 ペンパル友達を探している目的は日本交換学生行く前に先に日本の友達と親しくなりたいからです。 翻訳機を使用しました。

Hello, nice to meet you!
I live in Korea and I'd l

hje8422 , Korea
19 years old

Hello, nice to meet you! I live in Korea and I'd like to go abroad someday. So I want to talk many foreigners through this site. I can't speak English fluently, but if we talk with, i'll try hard. I want to your message. Have a nice day!

Hello ~ I am a 97-year-old living in Korea!
I really like culture in Japan ~~~!

leech321 , Korea
19 years old

안녕하세요~ 저는 한국에 살고있는 97년생 입니다! 일본에 문화를 정말 좋아해요~~~! 맛있는 먹을것도 많고 거리가 깨끗하고 무엇보다 일본 사람들이 너무너무좋습니다! 아직 일본인 친구가 없어요...친구를 만들고싶어요! 한명에 친구라도 길게 연락할 친구가 좋습니다! 메일 기다리고있을께요! 広島によく行ってます. こんにちは〜私は韓国に住んでいる97年生まれです! 日本の文化を本当に好き~~~! 美味しい食べ物も多く、距離がきれいで、何よりも日本の人々があまりにもお勧めします! まだ日本人の友達が持っていない...友達を作りたい! 一人の友達も長く連絡する友達にお勧めします! メール待っているよ!

Nice to meet you (^_^)
I am a 92nd grade Korean!
I like JPOP and I like Japan.
Especially large

kni6023 , Korea
24 years old

はじめまして(^_^) 僕は92年生の韓国人です! JPOPが好きで日本が好きになりました。 特に大塚愛さんの歌が一番好きです! 以外にもドラマとか映画、食べ物など 日本のことが好きです! 長く仲良くになりたいです(^_^) よろしくお願いします(^_^)

Hi I am a student in Korea.
I like to communicate

rmaaud , Korea
16 years old

Hi I am a student in Korea. I like to communicate with people, Also I want to develop my foreign language skill. Though my foreign language skill is unsufficeint, I can communicate with you by doing my best. Also I want to know other country's culture. And I can introduce our culture. I want to touch with many kinds of country people. Do not think