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Hello  my lovely darling. Please try to contact the  (
Hello  my lovely darling. Please try to contact the  (

New penpals advertises from Spain

I'm from Spain and I live in Spain and I want to m

laumin95 , Spain
16 years old

Hiii, I'm Ari!! Nice to meet you :) 
I'm from Can

aria731 , Spain
24 years old

Want to make a lot of friends around the world and

watereye , Spain
22 years old

hello! i'm claudia from spain. i really like to be

claudia9 , Spain
17 years old


I want to make some friends of diferent c

alegal , Spain
21 years old

Hello! My name is aaron and I would like to learn

aaronnie , Spain
16 years old

Hello! 안녕하세요 ^^
My name is Raquel, I from Spain.

reisuk , Spain
23 years old

hi! my name is fran i'm 25 years old spanish boy .

frankun , Spain
26 years old

Hello everyone! I am Ismael of Spain. I am a unive

mannajaa , Spain
19 years old

Nice to meet you, everyone! ^^

My name is Dani an

danibr , Spain
22 years old

Hi! I am Helena and I am most interested in making

duckie , Spain
24 years old

제 이름은 미리암 이고 20살 이에요. 마드리드에서 살아요 
한국어를 연습

m27796m , Spain
22 years old