Travel to beautiful Ramsar city in North of Iran
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Travel to beautiful Ramsar city in North of Iran
نمای از شهر زیبای رامسر
Wellcome to #Ramsar
the most scenic spot on the Caspian #coast, Ramsar is where the jungle-clad lower ridges of the snow-topped Alborz tumble into the sea. It's a verdant, #photogenic area, lush with orange groves, and there are #walking trails into the nearby hills. Time seems to move more slowly here (especially once you leave the highway), and the town and its hinterland make a nice place to kick back for a few days, especially in #spring and #autumn. If you want to escape the humidity, consider a day trip to the #mountain #village of Javaherdeh.
Telekabin Ramsar is also very attractive because it is between mountain and sea and crosses through joungles .

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