Travel to visit a great village called Qalat in Shiraz Iran
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Travel to visit a great village called Qalat in Shiraz Iran
روستای قلات - #شیراز
village - Shiraz, Iran
it is located on 36 kilometers northwest of Shiraz, in a region with saffah and a foothill near a #beautiful spring in a lot of green trees and gardens. The people of this village are engaged in farming, horticulture and some in the agriculture and horticulture industry and some in the business of weaving. The dialect of this #village is the surviving middle-eastern #Persian Persian.
There are buildings that can be recorded and preserved in this village, including the church of the village, which was created by religious missionaries between the first two World Wars, the outer wall of which is about to be destroyed. Remains of the remains are a bath that #old old men believe that Saadi baths on it, which is on the verge of ruining.

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