Travel to Hafez tomb the great poet of Shiraz in Iran

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Travel to Hafez tomb the great poet of Shiraz in Iran
در آرزوی بوس و کـنارت مردم
وز حـسرت لـعـل آبدارت مردم
قـصـه نـکـنـم دراز کوتاه کـنـم
بازآ بازآ کز انـتـظارت مردم
I long for your hug and kiss,
I want the wine that will bliss.
Let me cut the story short,
Please return, cause you I miss
There is no better place to understand Hafez’s place in the nation’s psyche than at his tomb and the #memorial #garden within which it is set. Iranians have a saying that every home must have two things: first the Quran, then a collection of the works of #Hafez. This 14th-century Iranian folk #hero is loved and revered and almost every Iranian can quote his work, bending it to whichever social or political persuasion they subscribe.

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