Travel to Maharloo pink lake near Shiraz of Iran

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Travel to Maharloo pink lake near Shiraz of Iran

Maharloo Lake, also known as Pink Lake is a seasonal salt lake in the highlands of the area of Shiraz, Iran. 27.0 km southeast of Shiraz, the lake salt is rich in potassium and other salts.
Salt Lake is a seasonal lake that has different colors due to the drop in water level and its salinity changes in each season. It seems that the most beautiful lake in Iran .
Maharloo Lake is located about 18 km south-east of Shiraz at an altitude of 1560 meters above sea level and is considered one of the tourist.

#Shiraz is not only home to the “Pink Mosque” but also the “ #Pink Lake.” #Maharloo Lake is another salt #lake and once home to migrant birds who have, sadly, diminished as drought has dried this lake up. Much like Lake #Urmia though, #rainfall helps to restore water levels. Rich in potassium and other salts, the lake turns pink due to a high percentage of pink-colored algae. Those flying into Shiraz can witness spectacular views from above when the lake is full, and those on the ground can enjoy both the lake and the #beautiful surrounding scenery.
The waters of rich salt lake, Maharloo situated on the outskirts of Shiraz, southern Iran, look reddish all for a good reason. The growth of bacteria and particularly seaweeds come to change the color of the water body which is rich in potassium and salts. In mid-summer the lake loses its water due to high evaporation leaving behind a white bed and reddish color water. The lake water is used for extraction of normal salt and is considered as a natural habitat for migratory birds and wild animals.

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