Travel to Naranjestan Qavam palace in Shiraz Iran

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Travel to Naranjestan Qavam palace in Shiraz Iran

This #garden which is one of the buildings of Qajar era had been constructed during te reign of Naseredin Shah and is located on Lotfalikhan Street in Shiraz. This place has been the residential area of Qavam family and the office for his administration. The #magnificent Qavam House is enriched with marvelous tile works and amazing embellishments. Because of the abundance of orange trees inside the garden of this house, it has become known as Naranjestan of Qavam. Entry to the building is done after passing through an octagonal corridor which connects you to the main axis of the building. Bricks have decorated the facade of the #monument. Two Qajar soldiers are depicted standing with rifles in hands. You vìcan observe inlaid working on the woods of the entrance door. The octagonal corridor has a ceiling decorated with tiles and bricks and star shaped decorations.
An interesting thing for you is that you are given the chance to wear #traditional #Persian clothes and take photos so that you will be able to take your memories of Iran with yourself to your country and make it more memorable to enjoy the best of your travel to Iran during your Iran tour.

نارنجستان قوام - #شیراز

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