Travel To Evan Lake in Alamout Area of Qazvin Iran

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Travel To Evan Lake in Alamout Area of Qazvin Iran
#دریاچه زیبای اوان - الموت #قزوین
Area is one of the major natural #tourism destination where is also famous for being the venue of Alamout Castle aka Hassan Sabah Castle. Evan #Lake (some guide books call it Ovan Lake) ‎‎is another natural tourism destination of Qazvin. It is a small alpine lake located on Alborz #Mountain. It is a realistic wonder of Iran. With more than 1,800 meters above the sea level and more than 70,000 square meters area, the lake has created a source of tranquility in the height of mountains. The main tributary that flows into the lake, is a stream with the same name, Evan, from northern #mountains. Other springs are have a good share of the lake’s flow.

Hunting and shooting are banned in Alamout Area. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by forest rangers. Camera and camping equipment are musts of this trip after you check the weather.

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