Travel To Masal in Gilan Iran

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Travel To Masal in Gilan Iran

اولسبنگاه #ماسال - گیلان
Pure beauty from Masal. .
Not Switzerland 🇨🇭, Austria 🇦🇹 or Italy 🇮🇹 , it’s Masal county in Iran 🇮🇷. Where clouds ☁️ touches mountains ⛰.
The forests of the northern province of Gilan are an area of outstanding natural #beauty, and offer some #beautiful hiking trails for tourists. An eight hour drive from Tehran, the mountainous Masal region has some particularly popular walking routes, although you’d be wise to bring your own supplies as shops and hotels are few and far between. The mixture of lush lowlands and mountain ⛰🏔 forests make for a pleasing contrast with the harsh #landscapes of southern #Iran, although lynxes, wolves, and bears are said to inhabit these territories.

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