Travel To Baba Taher Oryan of Hamedan

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Travel To Baba Taher Oryan of Hamedan

Baba Taher Oryan #Mausoleum is based on an Octagonal form. The dimension of the mausoleum is 10 x 10 Meters and it is surrounded with prism forms. It has 8 columns around the main building. The material of the columns, stairs, grave stone, and surface of the mausoleum is Granite stone. It has beautiful Turquoise dome-shaped prism. Inside of the Mausoleum, there are 24 Couplet poems carvings on 24 Marmori stone plates and has magnificent motifs tile decoration under the ceiling.
The Mausoleum had been registered as one of #Iranian National Monuments in May 11, 1997 by Registration No. 1870.

Baba Tahir Oryan was an 11th-century poet in #Persian literature and an Iranian mystic.

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