Travel to Talabe Anzali ( Anzali lagoon ) of Gilan

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Travel to Talabe Anzali ( Anzali lagoon ) of Gilan

#Anzali #Lagoon is the northern Iranian province of Gilan #attracts a large number of tourists each year due to its great weather and the greenest topography in the country.

This #natural freshwater lagoon, which is recognized as an important bird sanctuary in the world, hosts about 100 species of birds such as swans, herons, ducks, etc. A variety of fish species like Caspian White Fish, Anchovy, and the Common Carp inhabit live and spawn in this lagoon, tasnimnews.com reported.

Water lilies that grow in summer add to yet another beauty of Anzali Lagoon. Pink water lilies with green heart-shaped leaves cover the lake giving it a magnificent view.

Sorkhangal Wildlife Reserve in Anzali Lagoon hosts even more water lilies and is considered to be the safest place in the lagoon for the birds to nest and lay eggs.

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