Travel To Kabutar Khaneh of Meybod , Yazd

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Travel To Kabutar Khaneh of Yazd:
#Pigeon #Tower (Dovecote, kabutar khaneh), Meybod, Yazd, Iran
Adding to the endless rustic #beauties of Meybod, Yazd, the Pigeon Tower (dovecote), kabutar khaneh in Persian, is a splendid functioning structure left over from the Qajar Dynasty, for all tourists and travelers to see.
Despite first impressions, this beautifully restored tower was not military in purpose but dedicated to something altogether more prosaic: it is a pigeon house, a giant roost for the collection of guano. Used for fertiliser, the guano was a precious commodity before the introduction of chemical equivalents, so the more pigeons that could be induced to take up residence the better. This particular example, with its fine brick work, is around 200 years old and provided nesting space for 4000 #birds.
building of the kabutar khaneh (translating to ‘pigeon house’) has a very calculated design. The architect has managed to cram-in a plethora of functionalities alongside beautiful aesthetics. The #architecture of the dovecote is very artistic, as well as practical.

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