Travel to Golestan Palace of Tehran

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Travel to Golestan Palace of Tehran

The lavish Golestan Palace is a #masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier #Persian crafts and #architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, the Palace’s most characteristic features and rich ornaments date from the 19th century. It became a centre of Qajari arts and architecture of which it is an outstanding example and has remained a source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects to this day. It represents a new style incorporating #traditional Persian arts and crafts and elements of 18th century architecture and technology.

The Golestan Palace is the former royal Qajar complex in Iran's capital city, Tehran. One of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran, and of world heritage status, the Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran's arg.

The Arg became the official royal residence when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar moved the capital of Iran to Tehran and further palace buildings were constructed during the reign of Karim Khan Zand (r. 1750-1779). Buildings commissioned by Naser Al-din Shah (r. 1848-1896), such as the Shams-ol-Emaneh ("Edifice of the Sun") and the Emarat-e Badgir ("Building of the Wind Towers") show traces of a European architectural style and building technology that the modernising king was influenced by on his travels.

Golestan #Palace became the official residence and seat of government of the Qajar court, a time when foreign dignitaries were invited to #Golestan and compared its artistry to the royal buildings of Europe.

Located on Khordad Square, the Golestan Palace (Palace of Flowers; کاخ گلستان‎; Kakh-e Golestan) is a collection of buildings set in a walled park veined with canals rushing down from the Tochal mountains.

The buildings that make up this magnificent complex are some of the oldest in Tehran and mix both Persian and European architectural styles, in particular, French.

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