Travel To Manteghi Nezhad Historical House of Shiraz

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Travel To Manteghi Nezhad Historical House of Shiraz

Manteghi Nezhad Historical House is one of the historical house of #Shiraz which is belong to the Qajar dynasty and is now at the disposal of the Heritage Culture Society. members of the association have prevented the destruction this house during the construction on 9th January.This is the one of the most famous #historical house near the Shah-e Cheragh holy shrine in Shiraz. This beautiful house can be seen as a manifestation of the architecture of historic houses in Shiraz. This house has an amazing mirror works in the biggest Hall, which was one of the famous decorative elements during Qajar dynasty.
An amazing thing about this #house is that it gives you awesome views for taking your photos also gives you the best memories in this atmosphere. The #beautiful pools in the center of house with full of lotus on it gives you best shot and make you feel amazing.

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