Frederique In Germany
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Hello i am Juna and im 14 years old. I live in ger

kjuna05 , Germany
13 years old

I want to make some new friends or improve my lang

lisaii , Germany
15 years old

Hi, I live in Germany! I‘d like to meet new people

bahard97 , Germany
21 years old

Hello, my Name is Marco and I'm studying to reach

marcsock , Germany
28 years old

Hey there! 
I'm from germany and would love to ta

ciohana , Germany
23 years old

Hi there~
I'm Viktoria and I'm 15 years old. I can

peanutss , Germany
15 years old

Hi :) I spent two months in Korea this year and pl

mariamar , Germany
19 years old

Hello ^_^
My name is Kim and I'm 18 years girl fr

kimtb , Germany
20 years old

I'm Kim from Germany and I want to meet new

kmkmch , Germany
24 years old


lu634hal , Germany
28 years old

Hi! My name is Johanna and from a little town in G

lysea_ , Germany
16 years old

Hello ~
I'm a German living in Korea and I would

joojulia , Germany
25 years old