Got a whole lot to be thankful for in Paris ✨
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Got a whole lot to be thankful for in Paris ✨
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Beautiful smile

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roropixo , France
30 years old

I am curious and open-minded, I would like to talk

maena , France
16 years old

Hi ! My name is Amal, I'm 15 ans and I'm from Fran

spicydrm , France
17 years old

Hi!my name is tokki,i'm 13 years old,i'm looking f

tokki31 , France
14 years old

Hello ! My name's Emma (16 yo) and I'm french. I w

emma_khn , France
17 years old

Hi !
My real name is Cyrielle but all of my frien

violi , France
17 years old

Hi! My name is Lydie, I'm 14 .
I live in French an

lylianna , France
15 years old

Hi, Bonjour
I'm koukel 17 yrs old I live in Franc

koukel , France
19 years old

Hi my name is Li-Lou, i'm 14 years old. I live in

lilouczt , France
14 years old

Hey ! I'm Éloïse and I'm half french and half chin

elocn , France
15 years old

안녕하세요! 저는 17살입니다. 
한국 문화와 한국 사람들이 정말 좋아해서 한국말을 배우고

baishi , France
17 years old

Hey!✌ je veux me faire des amis coréen(ne) car j'a

saraahme , France
15 years old