My photography day in kiev with friends
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Actually I would be very happy if you could share something interesting you know:
- your experience of making life easier and better, some interesting lifehacks
- some facts about your land/city/town - something that distinguish it from anything else
- something fascinating from your country's history
- your amazing travel or life experience
It could be a start of nice conversation and 'beginning of the beautiful friendship', haha :))
Thanks a lot :)

hello sweet you look so nice and great
hi Julia
You are a pretty & sweet woman indeed , let us be friends & talk about some interesting issues .
You are so beautiful good
Well, I am from Gillan province in northern Iran! It is really beautiful, like Ukraine! Our people are famous for respecting and helping their guests a lot! Just come to Gillan and visit it by yourself! :)
Give me your contacts please.I want to see your photos.Welcome to Turkey.
أنت جميلة
Hello Julia.Let us make friends with each other.I can host you in Turkey.Your beauty took my breath away alread.
Thankyou ! :)
my skype mec.engineer1982 whatsApp+905333206553 vk
Здравствуйте. Я изучаю русский язык и хочу быть вашим другом здесь. Я могу помочь вам выучить английский, если вы тоже этого хотите. Я живу в Турции.меня зовут ахмет.Я по профессии инженер-механик
I.m very sweet love making friend