Beautiful day hanging out with friends
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Hi there! こんにちは!Hallo! Привет! Salut! Ciao!
I'm Carmen, I'm 20 and I'm Italian :D
I'm here because I'd like to find someone to chat with about culture, interests and just laugh together!

I’m really passionated by languages and cultures.
Right now I’m in the second year of university and I’m studying oriental languages as Japanese and English.
I do always want to discover a new language! I know: Italian (mother language), English, French, little bit of Spanish, I do have the basics in Russian and I also know Dutch because I’ve been an exchange student during my fourth year of high school in the Netherlands!

Thanks for reading and if you want to know more about me just write~

Thank you Carmen.My E-mail is:
Hello my dear, how are you? My name is Amira Zechariah. I am only 25 years old, I want you to contact me by email: ( ) so that I can tell you more about myself with my photos, Amira.​
Cute! My E-mail is:
Carmen Love you 😘😁😁
Hi I live in France
Здравствуйте. Я изучаю русский язык и хочу быть вашим другом здесь. Я могу помочь вам выучить английский, если вы тоже этого хотите. Я живу в Турции.меня зовут ахмет.Я по профессии инженер-механик