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غذاهای ایرانی
غذاهای ایرانی In Iran
Photo: Kebab kenje lari ( Kenje lari barbeque)
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About this photo

Kababe Kenje Lari or kenje lari barbecue is one of the most delicious types of barbecues that people in south of Iran in Larestan region serve.
It usually is made by cow or sheep or chicken meat.

Main Ingeridents:
Meat , yogurt , salt , black pepper , onion
Dough or coca.

How to bake kebabe kenje lari :

For making it the first step is cuting the meat to small pieces (it depents on you but small enough too be baked well ).

After that you put the meat in a yogurt with no water (In persian is called: Maste Chekide - ماست چکیده) .
And add some spices like salt and black pepper to have a better taste.
And add small pieces of cutted onion to it to get meats bad smell.
After doing these steps you should keep it in cool place for one or two days until the meat be soft. ( if it is chicken meat it can be for couple of hours too ! but for red meat needs more time ).

The next step is adding the meats on Kebab skewer . and make a fire for making them.

And final Step is enjoying eating this delicious Kebab with bread , and vegetables.
People also drink dough as drinks or coca with it.

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