Online penpals for language exchange
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Merhaba ( hi, hola) I am studying computer programing at university in Istanbul. I am here to practise in English and make online friends from all over the world. i like to have some pen pals to chat online and learn new language , what called language exchange !

I love tasting different food and drink, also I love cooking.
I am trying to learn to play harmonica but it is hard for me to learn. Who is gonna help me for that ? :)

Music is life.(now share with me that what you are listening)

I wanna travel the world and meet my pen pals .
Everyone has their own life, experience different from others. so lets share them.

Favorite Books
Charles Bukowski - Ham on Rye
Flora Rheta Schreiber - Sybil
Aldous Huxley - Brave New World

Online pen pals send me message to talk and language exchange.

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