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I'm 19 years old polish girl. I would like to improve my English and German skills (especially German, because it seems like I can't deal with that language). Moreover, I am planning to start learning the Norwegian language someday in the future.
I'm also looking for some pen pal friends living in Warsaw, because in September I am going to move there.
Pen pal people , Feel free to send me a message. I can help you with Polish, if you are interested (probably not, but still ????). I hope we will have a good chat as pen pal friends ????

Pen pal Requests
Actually at the begging I didn't understand why people don't like messages like 'hi, how are you?', but now I get it. Please, write something more, be creative or weird xD I like weird pen pal people .
Like my photos dear pen pal s.
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Hobbies & Interests
I'm interested in geography and I like to learn about foreign cultures.
I love to watch football matches and ski jumping competitions.
Favorite Music
Arctic Monkeys
The Police
Linkin Park
Generally every kind of music except: rap, hip-hop and reggae.

Favorite Movies
movies about pen pal friends
Favorite TV Shows
Game of Thrones

Favorite Books
I love reading, especially crime stories. Currently, I'm focused on the books of Swedish authors.
The Master and Margarita, M. Bulgakov
Crime and Punishment, F. Dostoyevsky
Lalka, B. Prus

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